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Tips for Success

What to say ...

When asked, tell the team how you contributed to:

- Improving Hurlburt's work environment and physical plant
- Improving Hurlburt's quality of life
- Enhancing productivity of the Hurlburt workforce
- Increasing customer satisfaction and improving customer service
- Encouraging top to bottom communication and problem solving
- Promoting unit cohesiveness and recognizing outstanding individual efforts
- Environmental safety, compliance, remediation and stewardship actions

How to say it ...

Frame your presentation with our theme, Aimpoints and message:

Theme - Heritage to Horizons:

- Trace accomplishments from those that bind us to our past to your vision of the future

Focus - 1st Special Operations Wing Aimpoints:

- Tell the team how your successes align with "Fight and win," "Taking best care of our wingmen, families and resources," and "Developing the next generation of Air Force and Air Commando leaders." (Partner units can use Air Force Aimpoints.)

Message - The strength and diversity of Team Hurlburt:

- Stress how the diverse backgrounds and strengths of Team Hurlburt contribute to our success