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#AirCommandos in the 1st SOW, meet your new Vice Commander, Col Mike Curry. Col Curry has a lengthy special operations background and is no stranger to Hurlburt Field. He's coming to us from the Joint Staff J-3 at the Pentagon. Welcome to the team!
Meet the 1st SOW's newest squadron commander -- Lt Col Kevin Rowlette took the reins of the 34th SOS on Thursday after a successful tour as the squadron operations officer. Welcome to command!
Welcome to the 1st SOW and Team Hurlburt, Col. Love -- I'm proud to have you here leading our Commando Medics at the AFMS - Hurlburt - 1st Special Operations Medical Group!
With Col Antonio Love now at the helm of the 1st Special Operations Medical Group, we've completed the final change of command ceremony for the summer here at the 1st SOW. These events take an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work and coordination to pull off. I'd like to take a moment to recognize the wing's amazing protocol team. They work tirelessly for every event and ceremony at the 1 SOW and never get the real credit they deserve. Thanks to the Public Affairs team for putting this video together to highlight a day in the life of our protocol team!
A special shout out from here at Hurlburt Field to a great Chief, man and friend at the 27th SOW. CMSgt Chris Egbert hung up the uniform today after almost 23 years of service. He and his awesome wife Amy represent what AFSOC resiliency is all about...both in the way they live and the way they care for Air Commandos and their families. Congrats, Chief and Amy...and thank you for your service!
Well done...glad we have folks like this on our team!
Happy 100th Birthday to our allies in the RAF...great flybys of Buckingham Palace today.
Hard work, vision, compassion and loyalty to your team epitomize a strong enlisted leader — this man has poured himself into the role of 1st SOW Command Chief. The wing was lucky to have the Wolfes on our team. We say farewell to Chief Wolfe with a heavy heart but wish him and his family nothing but the best as they head back to Alaska...next Command Chief Master Sergeant of 11th Air Force! ☘️
Today we celebrated Col Steve Breeze, who served the final two years of his Air Force career as the vice commander of the 1st SOW. Great officer, leader and man...I’m honored to call him a friend. The 1st SOW and the Air Force are better because of the Breeze family...we’re going to miss you!
Happy 242nd Birthday, America! The first battles for independence established a proud tradition of American resolve. Our #AirCommandos from Hurlburt Field keep that up as the most deployed wing in the United States Air Force. Non-stop freedom secured by non-stop professionals!
Today, the 1st SOW had the honor of hosting a very special guest for a quick visit to the building on base named in his honor. Lt Col (Ret.) Richard E. "Dick" Cole, the last surviving Doolittle Raider, 102 years young, stopped by Hurlburt Field while passing through town. Lt Col Cole was General Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot in the lead B-25 during America’s first strike against the Japanese mainland. It was the first combat mission for every crew member on all 16 aircraft — a pretty memorable first mission! By the way, they trained for the mission right next door at Eglin. The day was capped off by a great dinner hosted by our awesome community partners at the Bob Hope Enlisted Village, where Lt Col Cole shared some memories of his relationship with the late General Doolittle and flying missions as an Air Commando in the China-Burma-India theater. Thank you Lt Col Cole for your service and your time with us!
Herculean achievement for the U-28A crews and Air Commandos from the 1st SOW and 27th SOW — this weekend they’ll be celebrating half a million flight hours...500K! The U-28A provides manned tactical airborne ISR support to humanitarian operations, search and rescue and special operation missions.
I had the honor and pleasure to join Chief Wolfe and Chief Fossbender for lunch yesterday with an amazing and down-to-earth family. The son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons of Air Force legend, Air Commando and Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. John Levitow spent the day visiting with the 1st SOW. I can’t think of a better base than Hurlburt Field for his grandsons’ “first-ever” visit to an AF base. Airmen across the globe know all about Sgt. Levitow and we honor his legacy by presenting the John L. Levitow Award to the top graduate in each class of every level of USAF enlisted professional military education. If you haven’t heard of Sgt. Levitow, I highly recommend doing a quick search...the story of his actions over the skies of Vietnam define heroism.
Today we remember 19 of our SOF brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice 13 years ago in Afghanistan during OPERATION Red Wings. We pause to honor the courageous, selfless efforts of these SEALs and Nightstalkers and keep the loved ones they left behind in our thoughts.
Almost dug out from moving boxes and I’ve successfully found my way to the office all three days this week - I think we’re off to a good start... The Conleys couldn’t have asked for a better welcome back to the 1st SOW...we’re honored to be part of such an amazing group of Air Commandos. The view from Hurlburt Field this evening wasn’t too bad, either!
Thanks to everyone that made our 1st SOW Change of Command such a success. I am humbled and honored to work with this amazing group of Air Commandos.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Col Mike Conley...who will take command of America’s most lethal wing tomorrow morning at 0900! He and his wife, Ms. Melissa, are true friends and great Americans. Jeryn and I thank you for the privilege of serving alongside the finest Airmen and families on the planet! Regardless of where our Air Force journey takes us, just know that there is absolutely nothing we wouldn’t do for you!🇺🇸 AMERICA
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1st SOW Command Chief



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How do you think space operations affect #AirCommandos and the 1st SOW? Seems like we better be ready to lead the way! "Air & space superiority...are not America's ordained rights. We cannot take it for granted. We must plan for it, equip for it, train for it and fight for it." - General David L. Goldfein, 21st Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Our enemies don't have to dominate space, they only have to disrupt it. Yesterday's thinking will not defeat tomorrow's challenges.
Today is a day for honoring and remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Reflect on the lives they led, the families left behind and their selflessness in service to this country. This Memorial Day, who are you honoring and why? #MemorialDay #HonorTheFallen
As everyone enjoys their holiday weekend, be sure to keep an eye on the 1st SOW Commander's storm updates. Stay safe and he'll let you know when to put up the porch furniture!
Meet the Airmen who put the BOOM into our mighty gunships. Watch as Ammo troops process, assemble and transport munitions to the AC-130U Spooky and AC-130J Ghostrider gunships here to provide precise and effect fires on the battlefield. Enjoy the sights and sounds of freedom!
Ah... There's nothing like the smell of JP-8 in the morning! Infill, exfill, airdrops, and air support operations can't and won't happen without clean fuel. These #AirCommandos work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain a clean, consistent fuel source for our airframes and vehicles.
As part of the AFSOC team we are honored of our heritage. Happy Birthday!
No way we are going to #FlyFightWin without our #AirCommando maintainers! No way in the world you can match the skill and ingenuity of these #Airmen. 24/7/365... #AnytimeAnyplace
PSA: Please excuse the noise, we are holding a base-wide exercise for the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience as we sharpen our team's skills.
Our Air Force Repair Enhancement Program is innovating new ways to save Hurlburt and the Air Force over one million dollars every year!
Thanks to all our #AirCommando first responders, but an extra shout out to our epic firefighters who went beyond the base limits to provide mutual aid to local athorities during a recent house fire: http://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/20180508/fire-destroys-mary-esther-mobile-home Here's a few clips showing them sweating it out while perfecting their skills!
#LawEnforcement officers are some of the bravest folks on the planet. Add in the willingness to serve our great nation as the 1% doubles the dedications. Today we culminate police week and thank all our #Defenders! #PoliceWeek was established in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy to pay tribute to law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.
Pre-deployment training wouldn't be complete without a day at the range to ensure our Air Commandos are combat ready, no matter the place!
On May 8, 2018, the 4th SOS said goodbye to an amazing aircraft, tail #89-0511. Some of the most noteworthy stories this aircraft holds is the "Lost Boys" crew of which Gen. Holt was the aircraft commander for 2 deployments. This crew was the first United States Air Force aircrew/aircraft to sink a maritime combat surface vessel during a war effort since WWII. All previous vessels sunk had been by the Army Air Corps. Additionally, 89-0511 was one of the gunships to participate in "hit night," the first night of attacks in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001. Finally, 89-0511 set the record for the highest altitude ever flown by an AC-130U at 31,000 feet!
Happy #MothersDay to all the moms of #AirCommandos and mom Air Commandos themselves!
For this #SpotlightSunday, we wanted to share with you how Hurlburt Field, Eglin Air Force Base, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continue to work together to try and save the endangered Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander. Increasing the numbers of this little salamander means more possibilities for our Airmen, training and for our environment. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
A huge shout out to all of our Hurlburt Field nurses and medical technicians! #NurseTechWeek AFMS - Hurlburt - 1st Special Operations Medical Group
“I like to think the sounds of Spooky are a beautiful symphony of destruction. To our aircrews being honored today … on target and fire for effect!” - Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, Air Force Special Operations Command