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Upon arrival, you must report to the unit Command Support Staff (CSS). The CSS will schedule you for the finance briefing in Bldg 90220 (Education Office, Classroom I) at 9:00 a.m. During this briefing you will be able to process your travel voucher and your TLE. The CSS will also schedule you for the Commando Connection Orientation. This Orientation is held twice a month at the base theater from 0800-1215 hrs. Please encourage your spouse to attend the orientation, since important information about the installation community will be addressed.

When checking into your unit, please be sure to coordinate any COVID testing or quarantine requirements.

Below you will find a list of documents required during the Inprocessing appointments.

Command Support Staff:
1. Medical record
2. Dental record
3. Unit personnel record group (UPRG)

Military Pay:
1. Current local address, newly assigned unit/office symbol (for delivery of LES)
2. Copy of marriage certificate, or divorce decree, if status changed during your move
3. Copy of rental/lease agreement or mortgage payment (for variable housing allowance):
4. Temporary lodging expense (TLE) will be filed at the briefing.

In order to file for TLE you will need:
1. A completed TLE form (available at inprocessing)
2. Lodging receipts (showing inclusive dates and daily rates)
3. A non-availability of government quarters statement (if claiming off-base quarters) (obtained from billeting)

Travel Pay:
1. Four copies of PCS orders and amendments
2. All lodging receipts, if TDY enroute
3. Copies of airline tickets
4. Your itinerary showing dates and times of your travel from last permanent duty station to Hurlburt Field
5. DD Form 788, if you picked up your vehicle at the airport. The scratch and dent report, if vehicle was shipped from overseas at government expense.

Questions regarding lodging arrangements must be addressed at (850) 884-6245 or DSN 579-6245.
Questions regarding inprocessing: contact customer service at (850) 884-5252 or DSN 579-5252.