The future of Finance: PiPs and E-Finance

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sarah Martinez
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
When Air Force members move to different duty stations or come back from temporary duty assignments, one of their first stops used to be the Finance office.  However, Air Force Finance offices around the globe are moving to a new, electronic way of doing business. 

Instead of driving and talking to a finance person, people will start clicking and scanning their way to complete finance actions.

Permanent change of station in-processing system, or PiPs, is an online system members can use to file their PCS vouchers, temporary living expenses and various other finance-related activities.

Every base is different when it comes to basic allowance for housing. To make sure military members get paid the right amount Air Force Finance offices have a new and easy process to make that happen.

"Anybody who has a military pay record can use PiPs," said Staff Sgt. Tiffaney Poe, 1st Special Operations Comptroller Squadron NCO in charge of relocations and travel. "PiPs should be done as soon as possible so that members can start getting paid the right BAH at the right time."

Air Force-wide Finance offices offer another program online called E-Finance, which enables members to control even more of their financial matters.

"E-Finance can be used for various activities such as filing TDY vouchers or updating personal information like legal residence," Sergeant Poe said.

Both programs can be accessed from any computer with a common access card reader. The programs can be found on the Air Force Portal on the left side column under Personnel/Finance.

"Some people like the new financial programs better, because they don't have to come in and turn in the voucher, they can do it at the office or at home," Sergeant Poe said.

If members need to troubleshoot while trying to complete an action in either application there is a button labeled "Ask the Expert" on the left side that members can use to work through the problem.

The Hurlburt Field Finance office is also offering a mass briefing about E-Finance at the Commando Auditorium every Tuesday at 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in September 2010.

"This is the way of the future," Sergeant Poe said. "So we are trying to slowly get members to that point."

For more information or to request a mass briefing for your squadron, e-mail Finance at