1st Special Operations Mission Support Group

The Airmen of the 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group (1st SOMSG) provide garrison and deployed support for the 1st Special Operations Wing, Air Force Special Operations Command headquarters and 39 partner units. It deploys manpower, equipment, and supplies to support training, exercises, and contingency operations.


The 1st SOMSG is the most diverse group in the wing, as it's comprised of six squadrons focusing on all areas of support. The squadrons that make up the 1st SOMSG are the 1st Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron, 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron, 1st Special Operations Contracting Squadron, 1st Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron, 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron, and the 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron. Because of the diversity of the squadrons, the group is able to provide the wing with all types of support, ranging from force protection and military construction projects, to the lodging, transportation and messing of the base's populous and visitors.


The group was originally established on July 14, 1942, as the 16th Service Group. It was disbanded in 1943, and was not re-established until July 31, 1985. At that time, it was redesignated as the 16th Combat Support Group. On Oct. 1, 1993 it consolidated with the 16th Special Operations Support Group and became known as the 16th Support Group. On Oct. 1, 2002, the group became what is known today as the 16th MSG. On 16 November 2006, the group was redesignated the 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group.

Constituted Base Headquarters and 16th Air Base Squadron (Double) on 14 Jul 1937. Activated on 1 Sep 1937. Redesignated: 16th Air Base Group (Reinforced) on 1 Sep 1940; 16th Service Group on 14 Jul 1942. Disestablished on 31 Oct 1943. Reestablished, and redesignated 16th Combat Support Group, on 31 Jul 1985. Consolidated (1 Oct 1993) with the 1st Special Operations Support Group, which was established on 23 Feb 1993. Activated on 24 Mar 1993. Redesignated 16th Support Group on 1 Oct 1993; 16th Mission Support Group 1 October 2002; 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group, 16 November 2006.

Probably 19th Wing, 1 Sep 1937; Panama Canal (later, Caribbean; Sixth) Air Force, 20 Nov 1940-31 Oct 1943. 1st (later, 16th) Special Operations Wing, 24 Mar 1993-15 Nov 2006. 1st Special Operations Wing, 16 Nov 2006-.

France Fld, Canal Zone, 1 Sep 1937; Bruja Point, Canal Zone, 1 Sep 1940; Howard Fld, Canal Zone, 15 May 1941; Albrook Fld, Canal Zone, 31 Jul-31 Oct 1943. Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Airfield #9 (Hurlburt Fld), FL, 24 Mar 1993-.

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Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat "V" Device
1 Jun 97 - 31 May 99
1 Jul 03 - 30 Jun 05 
1 Jul 05 - 30 Jun 07

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[24 Mar 93] - 15 Apr 94
1 Jun 95 - 31 May 97
1 Jul 99 - 30 Jun 01
1 Jul 01 - 30 Jun 03

The emblem of the 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group is that of the 1st Special Operations Wing with the group designation in the scroll. It is symbolic of the organization's history and mission. The blue background represents the sky and the United States Air Force. The 13 red and white stripes stand for the nation's original 13 colonies, the first American force to engage in war to defend freedom. The silver dagger is winged to indicate the 1st Special Operations Wing brings force through the air. A golden lamp of knowledge reflects the wing's civic action role and indicates that members of the 1st Special Operations Wing serve as teachers, as well as warriors, in helping our allies determine their own way of life and form of government.