Col Webb Unveils his 1 SOW Aimpoints

  • Published
  • By Col. Brad Webb
  • 1st SOW commander
Fellow Air Commandos, I've had a whirlwind first two months as your 1st Special Operations Wing commander. I've seen you in action and it continues to be an honor leading such a skilled team to conduct special operations missions throughout the world.

Under my predecessor, Col. Norm Brozenick, the 1st SOW followed a roadmap to mission success aptly named the 1 SOW Aimpoints.

Similarly, I've laid out my plan for the wing's continued success in defending this country's freedoms. My Aimpoints are similar to the previous roadmap:

Fly, Fight and Win
Lead & Develop Airmen to Shape our Future Air Force
Forge Wingmen, Strong Families & Air Commando Culture

Fly, Fight and Win: That's our number one priority. That's why we're here. That's why we joined the Air Force. So far in 2007 alone, the 1st Operations Group has flown 55,000 combat hours, and the 1st SOW has deployed 1,700 personnel to 18 different locations. One-third of the wing is continuously committed to deployment cycle. Our courageous Airmen have earned numerous medals and awards. We need to continue to fly, fight and win, because the Global War on Terrorism will continue to require our specialized capabilities.

Lead & Develop Airmen to Shape our Future Air Force: The current leadership won't be around forever. We need to instill and hone the leadership skills in our young Airmen beginning now, so they'll be ready to take the reigns when it's time for us to move on. Education opportunities are abundant on Hurlburt Field, from Airman Leadership School and universities who offer college degrees on base, to the USAF Special Operations School and courses offered by the 505th Command and Control Wing, to supporting your Airmen to complete professional military education. I'm confident that when I'm long gone, the great Air Commandos at Hurlburt Field will continue to bring the fight to the enemy in ways I can't fathom.

Forge Wingmen, Strong Families & Air Commando Culture: Quite simply, we can't fly, fight and win without our families and wingmen. We're human, and naturally we can't focus on the mission at hand if we have issues at home. That's why the 1st SOW has numerous programs in place to assist the families of our Airmen. Whether it's the expanding Child Development Center or the Hearts Apart and Heartlink programs offered by the Airman and Family Readiness Center, I want to ensure our families are taken care of. We also have to keep an eye out for our wingmen. Airmen Against Drunk Driving is available every weekend, so there's no excuse for DUIs. And to keep everyone in the fight, we need to continue to forge the Air Commando Culture. Airmen are introduced to the Air Force and the 1 SOW mission at the Commando Pride Airman Center.

I've seen you in action over the past several weeks, and I'm excited to be a part of this team. I'm confident my roadmap will keep the wing on the right path to mission success, Any Time, Any Place.