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Our speakers provide this as a volunteer service. There is no charge or fee and honorariums are not accepted. However, we do ask that sponsoring organizations provide or reimburse speakers for any meals, travel and lodging expenses (government agencies provide per-diem and fund cite) if the engagement warrants it. Also, we ask sponsors to provide any audiovisual equipment, entrance or parking pass, map or detailed directions, etc., that the speaker may require.

Speakers are seldom available on short notice so we urge you to submit requests for speakers at four weeks in advance. 1st SOW responsibilities have priority; please keep in mind that we must coordinate requests with Air Force obligations so we may not be able to accept your invitation or give you an answer right away. Before contacting us with your request, we recommend that you select two or more speakers and subjects to increase the chances of scheduling a speaker on the date you specify.

The bureau can assist organizations in selecting topics and speakers, and by working out some engagement details. The topic of each speaker will show the amount of time available on the subject. If you have a topic in mind that is not listed, let us know and we will do our best to find a speaker for you.

The Public Affairs office is your scheduling point of contact. Please do not contact the speaker directly about scheduling them for an event.

Contact and coordination for this must be done directly between the primary user and this office. No requests through a commercial services agency or commercial intermediary will be accepted. No more than two speaking engagements per year will be approved/ provided to a specific individual group or organization such as, a club, association, scout troop or company etc.

Speakers are subject to change. Please request updates at any time.

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