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  • The Air Commando Muralist

    Airman 1st Class Jonathan Omaraie, a special missions aviator with the 4th Special Operations Squadron, used his skills to create a heritage mural for his squadron. The mural highlights the history and heritage of the gunship.

  • Binge Drinking: Costly and Dangerous Consequences

    Binge drinking accounts for an average of 40,000 deaths and $191 billion in economic costs to our Nation each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking that brings a

  • Air Commandos shoot straight, remain ready

    Combat Arms Training and Maintenance instructors with the 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron qualify Air Commandos on weapons that required for deployments to certain locations overseas. Hurlburt’s CATM range is the second busiest in the Air Force where they annually qualify

  • SOF-ME Airmen keep steady hands amid chaos

    Amid the chaos, in the middle of an impromptu medical tent, are two medical professionals and a casualty of war. Their movements calculated and language concise. Their temperament calm as they operate on their patient--his life determined by each decision made for him. Earlier, these two special

  • 1st SOMXS Airmen keep rounds flowing

    Airmen with the 1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron perform routine unload and upload of 105mm and 25mm ammo on Hurlburt Field, Fla. Check out the video for an inside look at the challenge.

  • Police Week 2016

    Airmen with the 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron took part in a police week competition with local law enforcement. Check out the video for an inside look at the challenge.

  • Sideline doc supports Warrior Games

    For the wounded-warrior athletes of the Warrior Games, their biggest fan stands on the sideline, ready at a moment’s notice to provide them with medical care when needed and always cheering them on.With more than 50 athletes with pre-existing conditions giving their all during the Warrior Games

  • Eagle Claw veteran retires after 42 years of service

    John Townsend, the deputy division chief of special operations forces mobility requirements for Air Force Special Operations Command, retired after 42 years of service in and around AFSOC.Brig. Gen. Kirk Smith, director of strategic plans, programs and requirements at AFSOC, presided over the

  • Airman turns childhood pastime into career

    Airman 1st Class Jordan Artis, a vehicle management analysis journeyman from the 1st Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron, turned his childhood of playing with cars, into a career when he joined the Air Force in 2013. He was born in Queens, N.Y. but raised by his mother along with his two

  • Fixing a multi-million dollar puzzle

    When an aircraft is grounded due to physical damage here, it is the job of Airmen with the 1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron to stand ready to repair the aircraft to send back out to the flightline. These Airmen are trained aircraft structural maintenance specialists assigned to the sheet