• 1st SOMUNS Airman supports 1st SOW combat capability

    Pieces of a missile launcher, all different shapes and sizes, are scattered on a table. For the machine to work properly, all of the parts must be assembled. The task may seem daunting to some, but for one aircraft armament systems team member, it’s like solving a puzzle. U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Rachael Rolling knows what she is capable of, and she wears her confidence like an accessory. She is a valued member of the 1st Special Operations Munitions Squadron.
  • Proud to be a Woman of Maintenance

    Grease-covered combat boots conceal painted toes. Dirt smudges replace foundation. The scent of gunpowder clings to the fibers of her uniform and masks her perfume. Tech. Sgt. Ashley Trim is part of a small percentage of women in the U.S. Air Force who prove maintenance is not just for men.
  • A piece of Hurlburt history recovered

    Operation Desert Storm, Jan. 31, 1991. AC-130H Spectre, Spirit 03, tail number 696567, had been raining hellfire on enemy combatants into the early hours of the morning. As dawn slowly brightened the dark skies, the Spectre began its return to base when the crew valorously turned back toward the fight to provide critical air support to U.S. Marines on the ground. A single Iraqi surface-to-air missile launched at the gunship, bringing the aircraft down. All 14 Air Commandos lost their lives.
  • Estate claims for Lt. Col. Sierra Burgess

    If anyone has any claims for, or against, the estate of Lt. Col. Sierra Burgess, please contact Lt. Col. Samuel Wilhelm, the Summary Courts Officer, at (850) 884-7866 or by email at samuel.wilhelm@us.af.mil.
  • Estate claims for Staff Sgt. Tyler Smith

    If anyone has any claims for, or against, the estate of Staff Sgt. Tyler Smith, please contact U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Theresa Rogers, the Summary Courts Officer, at (850) 881-4318 or by email at theresa.rogers.5@us.af.mil.

    An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship has arrived at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan on March 29, 2021. Regularly stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida, this is the first time the updated J model of the AC-130 has landed or operated in Japan.
  • Hurlburt Airmen transition into Space Force, become Guardians

    Four Air Commandos with the 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron made the leap into the U.S. Space Force during a ceremony Feb. 5, 2021.
  • 1st SOW commemorates 30th anniversary of Spirit 03

    The 1st Special Operations Wing hosted a 30th anniversary remembrance ceremony for the fallen crew of Spirit 03 at the Hurlburt Field Air Park Jan. 29. The 14-person crew’s AC-130H Spectre gunship was shot down by an Iraqi surface-to-air missile while conducting a combat mission during Operation Desert Storm, Jan. 31, 1991.
  • Take charge of your health by completing a Health Risk Assessment

    The Air Force Civilian Health Promotion Services program (CHPS) is a mobile worksite wellness program providing free health and wellness services and resources to the Federal Civilian workforce at Hurlburt Field.
  • COVID-19 Question and Answer with the 1st SOMDG

    Video with the 1st Special Operations Medical Group COVID-19 question and answer session.