The Hurlburt Field Memorial Air Park will be open to the general public starting April 11, 2024.



The Hurlburt Field Memorial Air Park invites you to step into our Air Commando formation and embark on a remarkable journey through time. Our mission is to educate and inspire visitors about the rich heritage and traditions of our people and aircraft associated with Hurlburt Field and Air Force Special Operations Command.

Our park serves as a place of remembrance and celebration, honoring the significant events that have shaped our history. Through our exhibits and displays, we aim to commemorate the brave men and women who have served AFSOC and continue to serve our nation.

As you explore our air park, you will be transported to pivotal moments in history, where these incredible aircraft played significant roles in supporting our nation's military operations. From the iconic MC-130P Combat Shadow to the heroic AC47D Spooky, each aircraft represents a chapter in our proud legacy.

But our mission goes beyond showcasing aircraft. Our air park proudly displays the John A. Chapman Medal of Honor Memorial Statue. This stunning tribute honors MSgt Chapman, a Special Tactics combat controller who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his teammates. The statue stands as a symbol of courage and selflessness, reminding us of the indomitable spirit of our Air Commando heroes.


Hours of Operation: Open 24/7

Public restrooms, water, and trash bins are not available. Please take out what you bring in.

In case of an emergency, dial 911.