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**COVID-19 Studio photography restrictions

Due to COVID-19, the 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs office will be limiting all Hurlburt Field official studio photography, including walk-in photos. Exceptions include incoming Commanders, Superintendents, First Sergeants or if the photo is required per AFI. Official portraits are defined as Head and Shoulders (from the waist up) and Full Length (entire body). Please contact the Public Affairs office with any questions or concerns. 

Scheduling Appointments

  • Scheduling the Appointment

    If you meet the above requirements, you can schedule your own appointment online here. The calendar will only show available time slots on available days. Any questions can be directed to the 1st SOW Public Affairs office at or (850) 884-7196.

Official photo examples

Head & Shoulders

Full Length

Full Length

Walk-In Photography

Due to COVID-19, walk-in photography is unavailable until further notice.


All Hurlburt Field personnel who need an official Head & Shoulders photo but do not meet the requirements for a scheduled appointment are encouraged to attend Walk-In Photography every second Wednesday of the month. These photos are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and wait times can extend to over 30 minutes. Uniforms must be AFI-36-2903 compliant and in good order or you will be turned away. Full Length photos cannot be taken during Walk-In hours.

Walk-In Studio hours:

Second Wednesday of the month

0900-1100, 1300-1500


Q: My blues have been hanging in my closet since I got them dry cleaned, can I put my accoutrements on it during my appointment?

A: No, your uniform must be complete and wearable upon arrival for your scheduled appointment. Additionally, all uniforms must be AFI 36-2903 compliant and in good order. Any customers who arrive with a disheveled uniform will have their appointment canceled and forced to reschedule.

Q: Something came up and I won't be able to make my appointment. How do I cancel?

A: Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance through the online scheduling service, Setmore. If extenuating circumstances require a last minute cancelation, please call the 1st SOW Public Affairs office at (850) 884-7196. Any missed appointments will be treated as a no-show and the responsible individual's leadership will be notified.

Q: I am under special circumstances and need to have an official photo taken, but don't meet the standard requirements. How do get an appointment?

A: Any exceptions to policy will need to coordinated and approved through the 1st SOW Public Affairs superintendent. Please call (850) 884-7196 for more information.