Hometown news release

Hometown News celebrates your accomplishments.
It's time to let your family and friends at home know about your accomplishment by filling out a Hometown News Release Form.

If you are assigned to 1st Special Operations Wing, to submit a Hometown News release:
You click here to fill out the online DD2266 form. Then the 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs office will submit your release. Or, fill out the written form  DD2266 and email it to 1sow.wpa1@us.af.mil for submission.

The Air Force Hometown News Service is a chance to publicize your career achievement through your hometown newspaper, radio or television station. The Hometown News Release isn't just for military members: it's also for government civilian employees.

The Hometown News Service was designed to showcase the worldwide accomplishments and activities of Airmen and present a positive image of Air Force people through print and electronic news releases.

In other words, we want to show off what our Airmen have done.

There are numerous occasions that merit a hometown news release:

» Graduation from basic training, officer training school or technical schools
» Promotion to E-3 and higher (as the promotion occurs)
» Selected for promotion to E-9 and O-6 and above
» Permanent change of station
» Awards and decorations
» Re-enlistments
» Retirements
» Olympic or Pan-American game selection
» Receipt of college degree
» Suggestion awards of $50 or more
» Participation in a national news event

» Numerous awards at all levels
» Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service
» Suggestion award of $500 or more
» Graduation from military school

Whichever way you choose you will be letting your family know about your accomplishment.

For more information or help call the 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs office at 850-884-7196.