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Safety office, command chief share summer safety tips

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla -- As summer approaches, the 16th Special Operations Wing Safety Office is taking proactive steps to help Airmen learn ways to keep their families, and themselves, safe.

The 101 Critical Days of Summer began Monday, marking the start of a dangerous season for injuries to Airmen.

Baseball and volleyball games, swimming, surfing and motorcycle riding are some of the causes of injuries to Airmen in the past.

“Whenever there’s competition, there’s risk,” said Ken Morris, 16th SOW Safety Office.
Last year during the 101 Critical Days of Summer, there were five reportable mishaps at Hurlburt Field.

One was an injury related to a motorcycle which resulted in two lost workdays.

Three were sports and recreation-related with a lost of 66 workdays.

The last was a motor vehicle mishap in which an Airman died.

“All our Airmen are important to mission success,” said 16th SOW Command Chief Todd Small.

“From those on the flight line repairing aircraft to the pharmacy refilling prescriptions, our people are the foundation of the force.”

By providing information and education to Airmen and reminding them to take precautions, the goal is attainable.

Each squadron safety manager was given a comprehensive safety briefing provided by the 16th SOW Safety Office.

The briefing offers safety tips for vacations, personal sports, fire prevention, cookouts, water sports, seat-belt usage, and drinking and driving.

The safety office wants Airmen to listen to and apply the safety tips offered to keep themselves and their families safe.

“Whether we’re on the job or spending a day at the beach, we just need to slow down, think and recognize our personal and professional limitations,” said Chief Small.

“A little common sense applied at the right time and the right place is a powerful tool - one we need to keep handy during these critical days.”