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AFAF nears end, organizers hope for donation rally

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. -- The Air Force Assistance Fund campaign comes to a close at Hurlburt Field on May 7, after being extended for two weeks. 

With only two weeks left in the AFAF and one third of the way to the base goal, project officers are looking for a rally.

"The last two weeks are going to be critical to the success of the campaign," said Capt. Jon Cotton, project officer. "This is so great to donate to, because it actually gives back to the Air Force. It actually may come back and help you personally."

AFAF project officers are putting together a fundraiser for the last week. 

They plan to have a barbeque at the Aderholt Fitness Center with all proceeds going to the fund.

The AFAF was established in order to provide assistance to the Air Force family (active duty, Guard, Reserve, retiree's and their family members) in three major areas of need – emergency assistance grants and zero interest loans, education grants and community programs.

To donate money to any of the four funds, which include the Air Force Aid Society, the Gen. and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation, the Air Force Enlisted Foundations and the Air Force Village Foundations, contact your unit AFAF representative.