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Base team combats alcohol problem:Alcohol Problem Prevention team gives Airmen opportunity to voice opinions

HURLBURT FIELD -- As alcohol incidents continue to rise at alarming rates on Hurlburt Field, a team has been formed to assess what Airmen and the base are doing, or not doing.

The Alcohol Problem Prevention Team is made up of more than 20 volunteers, ranging in rank from lieutenant colonel to airman 1st class, who are trying to get Airmen’s opinion on what can be done to combat alcohol problems and why problems exist.

“This is only as good as the involvement we get from Airmen,” said Lt. Col. David Reese, APPT leader. “We’re taking the gloves off and looking at what we’re doing.”

Part of the team is interviewing Airmen to get their feedback on the issues.
Some questions that will be asked during the interview are; “Have deployments, operations tempo and duty hours contributed to an increase in alcohol consumption?

Which programs aren’t working or need improvement?

What would you do differently to help prevent alcohol related incidents on
Hurlburt Field?”

“This isn’t a blind program,” said Airman 1st Class Amanda Thornbro, 16th Contracting Squadron.
“We’re basing everything on research, and if there is a solution, we’ll find it.”

The findings of all the research will be turned into wing leadership on April 12, who will then analyze the results and decide on a course of action.

“It is important that if people have comments they need to get them in fast because the train’s moving,” said Colonel Reese.

To provide your feedback on how the base is handling drinking problems, call or e-mail your group’s point of contact:

Partner units/ wing staff agencies
Capt. A.J. Lugo, 884-7888
16th Operations Group
Senior Master Sgt. Doug Massingill, 884-4268
16th Medical Group
Master Sgt. Joseph Soares, 881-2133
16th Maintenance Group
Tech. Sgt. George Anderson, 884-7506
16th Mission Support Group
Airman Thornbro, 884-3272