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Base theater shows suitable previews

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. -- Movie trailers will match the audiences according to Army Air Force Exchange Service.
The Hurlburt Field Advisory Council investigated a complaint raised in their October meeting that the base theater was showing improper movie previews during G-rated movies. 

The movies at the Hurlburt Field Theater are controlled by the AAFES, which has a set policy on providing rating-appropriate previews for each movie shown worldwide.
The trailer presentation policy has been a standard policy for AAFES since 1997, but a lapse occurred. 

“We did receive a complaint concerning the previews shown during G-rated movies,” said David Parker, Hurlburt Field Main Store Manager. 

“It was suggested that we either cancel all previews or correct the problem.” 

An AAFES operating procedure governs the motion picture theater operations and sets the standards based on ratings by the Motion Picture Association of America — the movie rating organization that determines movie ratings. 

Projectionists screen previews before showing them in the theater. 

“We allow them time to screen the previews prior to showing, and if necessary, eliminate them if they’re not suitable for the audience,” Mr. Parker said. 

Trailers approved for G-rated films are the only trailers shown before G-rated features in base theaters worldwide. Trailers identified by the MPAA as suitable for showing with all audience features are screened in theaters before the showing of PG, PG-13 and R rated films, and previews are only shown before R-rated movies. 

“The AAFES trailer policy ensures that previews are consistent with the audience expectations of feature presentations,” said Judd Anstey, media branch manager for AAFES. 

“If a patron feels that an inappropriate preview has been shown, they should contact their local AAFES general manager immediately.”