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Green wants you! Operation ‘Blue to Green’ offers seperating Airmen opportunities to continue their careers

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. --  The Army is offering Airmen who are being force shaped, forced to retrain or just looking for a change – a way to continue their military careers. 

With 55,000 Airmen planned to be cut by 2011, the “Blue to Green” program may be the only way to keep rank and stay in the military. “One day you will come into work with Air Force rank and the next day with Army rank,” said Master Sgt. Mayra Casanova, career advisor. 

Hurlburt Field has already had a few people take advantage of this program. 

“Most Airmen coming to see us are getting force shaped, not getting promoted fast enough or just want come into the Army and fight the enemy,” said Sergeant 1st Class Sharon Mayo, local Army recruiter. 

Airmen can go from blue to green by getting a conditional release from the Air Force and signing up for the Army. If an Airman’s Air Force specialty code matches with an Army military operation specialty, then it is possible to keep the same job.

 “The program is really good for people in overmanned career fields,” said Senior Master Sgt. David Ceurvals, 16th Special Operations Wing career advisor. “If an Airman can’t get a (career job reservation) and doesn’t want to cross train, then this program is perfect for them.” 

Airmen basic through senior airmen crossing over to the Army will maintain their grade, while staff sergeants and above are on a case-by-case basis. Officers will also retain their grade and date of rank. Applicants must meet the Army’s physical training standards and attend a four-week warrior transition course. 

“The warrior transition course shows Airmen the tactical side of the Army,” said Sergeant Mayo. 

After this, they will be sent to their post if they don’t have a training school to attend. For more information on the program, call Sergeant Mayo at 244-3077.