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Two court-martialed recently

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. --  Two Hurlburt Field airmen were convicted in separate courts-martial recently, each receiving jail time and forfeiture of more than $2,000. 

Airman Basic Aaron Noller, 16th Component Maintenance Squadron, was convicted Monday afternoon of using cocaine on the eve of his first court-martial five months ago.
“’Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,’” said Lt. Col. Michael O’Sullivan, lead prosecutor for the trial and chief circuit trial counsel for the central circuit, during closing arguments. 

Airman Noller was caught using cocaine just four days before his first court-martial, Sept. 8. This was discovered by a positive urinalysis test when he entered confinement.
Capt. Brandon Jones, Mac-Dill Air Force Base, Fla., defense attorney, characterized the airman’s behavior as a “relapse.” 

“Drug addiction is a tough struggle,” Captain Jones said. “(But) he’s continued to keep a good attitude and tried to be an asset to his unit.” 

This time, military judge Lt. Col. William Kurlander sentenced Airman Noller to three months of confinement, forfeiture of $500 for four months and restriction to Hurlburt Field for two months. Maximum punishment could have been five years confinement, total forfeitures and a discharge. 

The prosecution was seeking a sentence of 12 months. 

In his previous court-martial, Airman Noller was convicted of using heroine and sentenced to 75 days of confinement, a bad conduct discharge and reduction to airman basic. 

Airman Brandon Schreier, 16th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, pleaded guilty to three charges during his special court-martial Jan. 25. 

He was found guilty of failure to go to his appointed place of duty on six separate occasions during a three-week span in September and October, drunken driving and insubordinate conduct toward three NCOs. 

Airman Schreier was sentenced by the military judge to 160 days of confinement, forfeiture of $849 a month for six months and reduction in grade to E-1.