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Aircraft Maintenance Squadron; house divided

guys playing basketball

Brady Lovin, 16th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 2, tries to pass the ball off during the AMXS 1 and AMXS 2 game Tuesday at the Aderholt Fitness Center.

 Jason Brown and Robert Wadley scored 12 points each as the 16th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron team 1 blasted 16th AMXS 2, 66-38, during an intramural basketball game Tuesday at the Aderholt Fitness Center.

The score was neck and neck, with no more than a two-point spread throughout the first half. AMXS 1 held off AMXS 2, making the score 28-26 at the end of the first half.

In the second half, AMXS 1 stepped up their game by taking advantage of turn-overs by AMXS 2 and turned the half-time gap into a chasm. AMXS 1 ran up the score to 40-28. AMXS 2, fought back with an aggressive offensive attack. The aggression backfired on AMXS 2, resulting in a flagrant foul and an opportunity for AMXS 1 to build the lead. AMXS 1 welcomed the opportunity and scored the two points plus a three pointer.

The scoreboard continued to climb in AMXS 1’s favor, 45-28.
AMXS 2 continued to fight the good fight and scored 10 points in the fourth quarter, but AMXS 1 walked away with the win.

AMXS 1 supporting cast, Benny Smith scored 11 points. High scorers for AMXS 2 were Jim Christensen and Syrus Henderson with 14 points each and Jacory Summers with four points.