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AFSOC officer convicted of negligence during court-martial

Hurlburt Field, Fla. -- An officer assigned to Headquarters, Air Force Special Operations Command was convicted of negligence Jan. 13 after failing to appropriately file two temporary duty travel vouchers.

A panel of seven officers heard the case of Maj. Mark Beres during a five-day trial.

Major Beres had originally been charged with a myriad of crimes including willful dereliction of duty for failing to make accurate entries in the Defense Travel System, a violation of Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 92.

After several hours of deliberation, Major Beres was convicted on only one lesser included charge of negligently failing to file his travel vouchers correctly.

Major Beres was sentenced to forfeiture of $350 a month for three months.

"This case involved an incredible amount of documentary evidence,” said Capt. Karl Sandell, 16th Special Operations Wing Legal Office attorney who tried the case. “It was clear that the travel vouchers were inaccurate; however, the verdict hinged on whether the panel felt Maj. Beres actions were intentional or negligent.

“They ultimately decided they were negligent and justice was served," Captain Sandell continued.