CFC Cause of the Week: Military and Veterans Services

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  • By Courtesy Asset

The CFC cause of the week is Military & Veterans Services. The United States is thankful to have over 2.5 million currently serving military personnel and an estimated 18.5 million veterans who served in our nation’s defense. While these selfless individuals preserve and protect freedom around the globe, the price of their service is never free. Military members and their loved ones endure long separations, frequent moves, distance from extended family, and service-related health issues.   

It is the responsibility of a grateful nation to thank veterans and active-duty members for their service by caring for them and their families. Here is just one example of how a CFC-participating charity does that:  

John is a 74-year-old Vietnam Army vet whose wife died four years ago, leaving him heartbroken. That began to change the day he visited a CFC-participating animal sanctuary and stared into the eyes of a horse that had been traumatized by previous neglect and abuse.   

“You can’t hide your emotions from them. Their own past suffering seems to make them more in tune with people suffering from trauma,” John recounts. “I can’t explain it, but I can tell you, these guys saved my life.”   

Equine therapy programs like this one feature exercises designed to build trust and confidence while healing broken hearts and reckoning with combat-related trauma and other issues.    

Charities can offer these services free of charge to veterans and their families thanks to support from donors like those who give through the CFC.  

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help:  

  • Provide service animals or prosthetics to wounded warriors.
  • Supply military members serving overseas with personal care kits.
  • Assist veterans in their transition to civilian life.