CFC Cause of the Week: Environmental Protection

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  • By Courtesy Asset

The CFC cause of the week is Environmental Protection. The Earth is our one and only home, and it is up to us to preserve and protect it for the future of humanity. CFC charities are developing technology to clean the trash on the oceans’ surface, discovering fungi and bacteria that can eat plastic, inventing new ways to clean excess carbon from the air, and restoring endangered species populations to keep our planet clean, safe, and healthy.   

By taking preventative measures and offering preparedness training in response to climate change, CFC charities have been able to help communities reduce the structural damage and loss of life from wildfires, respond quicker to flooded communities, and rehab cities affected by major storms. Regions facing multi-year droughts are being supported by charities that deliver food and water to make sure the communities have what they need to survive and thrive.  

Here is just one example of how a CFC-participating charity is helping to save our planet:  

Flor and her husband run a forest-friendly lodge deep in the Amazon rainforest in Peru.  The area is beautiful, but it is not paradise. Flor’s life has been threatened many times. She keeps her part of the forest pristine, so many have tried to take its natural resources by force by mineral mining and logging for their own gain. 

She turned to a CFC-participating charity that uses cutting-edge technology to stop deforestation. It provides drones and trains local landowners, indigenous communities, students, and government officials to take charge of conservation in a safe and effective way.    

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help:  

  • Remove pounds of trash from the oceans.
  • Replant deforested areas. 
  • Restore green spaces in urban environments.