CFC Cause of the Week: Global Health & Research

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  • By Courtesy Asset

The CFC cause of the week is Global Health & Research. Many factors can improve our overall health and well-being even before we get sick: access to preventative care, proper nutrition, clean water, and health care awareness initiatives. Additionally, researchers work to find cures and better treatments for diseases and chronic conditions. The nonprofit community addresses these issues and supports those battling critical illnesses, coping with chronic medical conditions, combatting substance abuse, and living with disabilities. CFC charities act as liaisons between labs, scientists, governments, and communities, helping the public to have equitable access to the latest healthcare options. 

Here is just one example from a CFC-participating charity:  

Aspen, a happy, adorable baby underwent treatment for a brain tumor in her native Philippines. She was only two years old. But six months later, the cancer was back and spreading. Aspen’s parents were frantic until they received a referral to a CFC-participating children’s research hospital in the United States.    

“When they told us everything will be free, it was like a thorn was taken away,” said her dad. “At first, it’s unbelievable. We were so grateful.”   

Even undergoing cancer treatment, Aspen remained bubbly and playful. The family now focuses on living each day to the fullest, with a sense of gratitude.    

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help:  

  • Host family members of patients in comfortable accommodations near hospitals. 
  • Distribute simple solutions like mosquito nets to communities with prevalent malaria.  
  • Work to find cures for common diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.