CFC Cause of the Week: Mental Wellness

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The CFC cause of the week is Mental Wellness. The National Institutes of Mental Health estimates nearly one in five American adults are affected by mental health conditions to varying degrees. When it comes to the mental wellness of individuals and communities, CFC charities are often on the frontlines, providing resources and life-saving care such as workshops, online resources and education, hotlines, professional therapists and doctors, and improvements to the community through collaborative spaces.    

Here is just one example from a CFC-participating charity:  

Sarah was trapped in a dangerous cycle of addiction, abuse, and homelessness. Then, she found a CFC-participating charity that offered women like her a place of solace. Staff encourage, counsel, and give hope to the women who enter their doors. Residents like Sarah spend 6 to 12 months in a faith-based treatment program. They attend classes, receive counseling, work in the vegetable garden, and tend farm animals. When Sarah left the program, she was unrecognizable. She was glowing, smiling, and full of joy.   

Here are a few more examples of what CFC donations can do:  

  • Train first responders to better identify individuals suffering from mental episodes and at-risk behavior. 
  • Host summer camps for troubled children.  
  • Provide counseling services for veterans suffering from PTSD.