New Installation Entry Precedures Now in Effect

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  • By 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
Effective July 29, Hurlburt Field will allow base access using the Trusted Traveler Program. The Trusted Traveler Program allows all Department of Defense identification cardholders (DoD employees, active-duty military, family members ages 18 and older and retired service members) to vouch for occupants in their immediate vehicle, provided the Trusted Traveler vehicle operator possesses a valid DoD ID card.

During the hours of 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., only the DoD identification cardholder will need to present their identification, and during the hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., 100 percent ID checks will be implemented. Refer to AFI 31-113 for proper forms of identification.

"The recent change to the ID-checking process at the base entry control points is intended to ease the flow by coming in line with current DoD and Air Force entry control standards," said Maj. Keith Quick, commander of the 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron. "This is not a reduction in security, but a shift to providing effective security while at the same time not delaying access to those entering the installation. Our outstanding Security Forces Airmen remain dedicated to protecting our base; we hope that this new policy will benefit all those who drive on Hurlburt Field."

Additionally, there will also be a slight change to issuing visitor passes which will depend on whether a visitor is escorted or unescorted. If you are bringing a visitor on base who will be escorted by you 100 percent of the time, then they will not need to receive an AF FM 75 (Visitor Pass).

If at any time your visitor will be outside of your direct control as defined in AFI 31-113, then they will need to be properly vetted and receive a Visitor Pass at the Visitor Control Center.

These new escort procedures will be in effect at all times.

For more information on Installation Access, refer to AFI 31-113 (applicable
AFI segment attached) or call the Installation Security Section at (850)884-5824.