Air Force dad "saving the country every day"

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. John Bainter
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
What makes a military father different from other fathers out there?

Is it the sacrifice of time spent away from home, the sometimes long hours spent working through exercises and real world conflict? Or is it the unfaltering commitment to freedom for all, combined with the drive and necessity to provide for one's family?

A military father is someone who realizes the sacrifices that are required for freedom and makes them willingly.

As a military father, I feel it's all these things. As we approach Father's Day I receive gifts proclaiming how great of a father I am, adorned with smiley faces, rainbows and even some with portraits of me or the entire family. Every day I'm reminded by my children that Father's Day is around the corner while they squirm with excitement and anticipation.

"What do you want to do for Father's Day?" asked my oldest daughter Angelina enthusiastically. They already plan to make breakfast and I've received several handcrafted Father's Day cards. Although, it seems my company and time is all that's required for my family to be satisfied.

The fact is my children are well aware of the sacrifices of wearing the uniform. I've already deployed twice, and I am preparing to go again soon. I've explained to them the reasons I serve my country: I do everything for them and their future. I see the look in their eyes and the admiration they have for the uniform. To them the uniform instantly demands respect because it is what they see me wear.

When I asked my daughter how she felt about me being in the military, my daughter said "Daddy I like you being in the military because you save the country every day."

The realization that my children view me as the savior of the country simply because I serve is much more gratifying than admiration alone.

So to all the other fathers out there that serve in the military I salute you for your sacrifice and dedication to family and country.

The work we do around the globe, working long hours, spending time away from family and the everlasting commitment to being a strong leader and example for our children is more than enough gratification for me. Knowing my son and daughters look up to me because I chose to raise my right hand is the best Father's Day gift I could ever receive.