Hail to the Chief!

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Hayden Hyatt
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
The third Monday of February isn't just another Monday--it's Presidents Day.

This is a day set aside to honor our first president, George Washington, and his 42 different successors who have all served as our commander-in-chief.

In honor of this holiday, see if you can correctly answer all 44 presidential trivia questions below. The first person to answer all questions and send a reply to 1sow.wpa@hurlburt.af.mil will receive a free 1st Special Operations Wing patch.
  1. Which president once accused Benjamin Franklin of being a British spy?
  2. The inventor Samuel Morse painted a portrait of a president that hangs in the White House. Who is the president?
  3. Which president was known as "Old Rough and Ready?"
  4. Which president had a secret operation performed on him to remove a cancerous jaw?
  5. Which president staged a garage sale for White House furniture?
  6. Televangelist Pat Robertson, who won the Michigan caucus in the 1988 Republican presidential primary, was a great-grandson of which president?
  7. Which president was called "Napoleon of Protection?"
  8. Which president's name and signature can be found on the moon?
  9. Who is the only president to serve having never been elected president or vice president by the American public?
  10. Which president said: "Four-fifths of all our troubles in this life would disappear if we would only sit down and keep still?"
  11. Which president appointed his brother to the cabinet?
  12. Which president's administration had four secretaries of state?
  13. Who is the only president to have earned a Nobel Peace Prize, two Grammy Awards and twice being named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year?"
  14. Which president let sheep graze on the White House lawn?
  15. Who was the first president to appoint a woman to the cabinet?
  16. Which president is on the nickel?
  17. Which president was confirmed by the Senate for his appointment to the Supreme Court but turned it down?
  18. Which president said these last words: "Sir, I wish you to understand the true principles of government. I wish them carried out. I ask nothing more."
  19. Who was the first president to be born in the United States?
  20. Which president, after he left the White House, became the presidential nominee of the "Know-Nothing" party?
  21. Which president was called "Old Fussbudget?"
  22. Which president was taught to read and write by his wife?
  23. Who was the first president to play golf?
  24. Which president ran away to the sea as a youth?
  25. The American Engineering Society proclaimed that "the two greatest engineers in American history" were Thomas Edison and which president?
  26. Who was the first president to be born in a log cabin?
  27. Jeff Davis was the name of the favorite horse of which president?
  28. Which president established Thanksgiving Day?
  29. Who was the first president born in a hospital?
  30. Who is the only president to have earned a postgraduate degree from Harvard?
  31. Which president was sworn in on Air Force One?
  32. Which president purchased a substitute for military service during the Civil War?
  33. Which president has a river in a foreign country named after him?
  34. Who was the first president to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court?
  35. Who was the first president to be awarded an honorary knighthood by a British monarch?
  36. Which president had a capital of a foreign country named after him?
  37. Which president signed a law forbidding "false malicious and scandalous writing" against his administration?
  38. Who was the first president to visit Alaska?
  39. Who was the president when electricity was installed at the White House?
  40. Which president twice fell off his horse and fainted?
  41. Who was the first president to appoint a Hispanic to the cabinet?
  42. Which president had his license to practice law suspended?
  43. Which president was labeled a traitor to the United States for joining the Confederacy's House of Representatives?
  44. Which president is credited as "the Father of the American mule?"