Air commandos and their proximity to the target

  • Published
  • By Maj. Keith Williams and Ms. Kathryn Wilson
  • 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron
Air Force leadership, at all levels, always talks about individual's relevance to the mission not being a direct correlation to their proximity to "the target."

Have Air Commandos of Team Hurlburt taken the time to reflect on that statement and think about what that means to them and their fellow Air Commandos? If they haven't, they should.

Understanding the concept of an individual's relevancy to the mission, not depending on their proximity to the target, helps us all recognize how everyone's day-to-day efforts contribute to mission success.

Here at Hurlburt Field, home of the 1st Special Operations Wing and 38 other tenant units, it's evident everyday that without the support and commitment from all Air Commandos, successful mission accomplishment would not be possible.

While there are many examples, let's reflect on the organizations of the 1st Special Operations Wing to addresses this concept.

The actions of the 1st Special Operations Group are probably the most visible. They bring the 1 SOW's specialized capabilities to the fight. This brings them closest to the target. However, they wouldn't be able to arrive on target without the help of others.

For instance, the 1st Special Operations Maintenance Group ensures the complex airframes and equipment are mission capable, reliable and dependable.

If it wasn't for the 1st Special Operations Medical Group, we wouldn't have mentally and physically-abled Air Commandos to arrive on target.

These are just two examples of organizations that don't have the closest proximity to the target, but still have a critical role in the execution and success of the mission.

The greater the understanding and appreciation we all have of each member's contributions, the better team of Air Commandos we'll become.

In January, everyone on Hurlburt Field got to showcase their importance when the Installation Excellence Inspection Team visited. Hurlburt Field received the Commander in Chief's 2009 Installation Excellence Award.

It's awards such as this that remind us of the importance of each individual's contributions and instills the importance of team work to complete the mission, regardless of their proximity to the target.

Be proud of what you accomplish everyday Air Commandos, regardless of your proximity to the target--it's important to you, your family and this great nation.