Air Commando: Are you one?

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kevin McKinley
  • 1st Special Operations Comptroller Squadron
 Who are the Air Commandos? Are Air Commandos only those who engage the enemy through flight or on patrol? Do Air Commandos only come from those squadrons with a long heritage of combat? 

I'd like to offer a broader definition of Air Commandos. I submit today's Air Commandos aren't necessarily identified with a particular unit, but could be anyone who gives their best at their assigned missions. 

Air Commandos carry a long heritage of battlefield success and those men and women gave everything they had to ensure mission accomplishment--they gave their best time after time. Today's Air Commandos include not only operators, but the maintenance and support personnel, military and civilians, as well -we're all Air Commandos. 

Whatever role you're assigned, this wing demands you learn your job as quickly as possible, then apply those skills in defense of this country. My broader definition says Air Commandos are those who give their best all day, every day. So each day, I challenge my squadron to give their best, to be Air Commandos -I ask them to give the best they can offer not just because we belong to the 1st Special Operations Wing, home of the Air Commandos, but because the nation expects their best and it'll take everyone doing their part to the best of their abilities to win the war on terrorism. 

Many have gone before us and many will follow. I challenge everyone reading this article to self-assess; Am I an Air Commando? Am I giving my best all day, every day? If not, what are my obstacles -- is it lack of training, lack of direction, or lack of commitment? 

We each swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and during the past seven years, Air Commandos, by any definition have paid the ultimate price. To protect the honor of the Air Commando identity, I challenge each Air Commando to give a little more than you did yesterday, to stay that extra minute to get that report done, to reread the technical order to ensure its followed and to treat people like you want to be treated. What matters most, is knowing that you gave your country, this wing, your boss, and yourself the best you had to offer. If you gave your best, then you to are Air Commandos, all day, every day.