Weight warrior sees success in week two

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Sheri Kangas
  • 1st SOW Public Affairs
Good news ... I lost more than money in Biloxi, Miss., I also lost three pounds! 

I'm thinking my lesson learned here is that I need to spend more time at the casinos because I get lots of walking in and am too busy to stop and eat. I don't think my husband will buy that, but it sounds good to me. 

Anyway, I did get lots of exercise in and drank a lot of water. I can't really say I ate as healthy as I should have, but when I did eat, it was just the right amount to satisfy my hunger without making me full. 

So, that's what I'm working on now, portion control. They ("they" comprise of all the weight loss sites I come upon while surfing the net) say the first couple of bites of anything are the best, so why keep eating? I haven't yet found that to be true, but I'm trying to retrain myself to think that way. In all actuality, to me, sometimes the last bite is the best, as in the case with an ice cream cone. 

As far as exercise goes, I'm still doing my squadron physical training three times a week. I haven't been able to attend Weight Warriors though because my work hours and their workout schedule do not mix well together. I may just have to start doing something at home in the evening. 

I received one of those exercise balls for Christmas and it came with three workout CDs, so maybe I should give that a shot. I'll take it out of the box tonight and see what all is involved with it. I can see myself rolling right over my little dog or falling off somehow. Grace is definitely not my middle name. 

So, that's my goal for the next week, portion control and more exercise. I hope next week will be as good as this week. Congratulations to you if you lost weight this week, it sure is a good feeling isn't it? 

Motivational tip of the week: 

If you fall off the diet wagon, don't give up! I know a lot of people (myself included) will think to themselves, "Well, I had a burger and fries for lunch, I might as well just go ahead and have a big piece of cake for dessert." 

Instead, pick yourself up, wipe off the crumbs and move on. Look at it this way: If you drop an egg on the floor, are you going to go ahead and drop the whole dozen on the floor, or are you going to clean it up and move on?