Thank you from Sgt. Padgett’s mom

  • Published
  • By Glenda Penton
  • Army Sgt. Timothy Padgett's mom
From the depths of my heart, I extend to each of you a grateful thank you for all you've done during the loss of my son, Army Sgt. Timothy Padgett. 

Many of you reached out to our family with an extension of your love to us by your calls, cards, flowers, food, monetary donations and donations of small stuffed animals. The extension of your love was apparent by your visitation and attendance of the funeral services for Timmy. 

I will never forget the crowds of people at the airport and those who lined the streets down Highway 90 and 11th Street to the funeral home, as we welcomed Tim home. And again those of you who lined the streets during the funeral procession, you stood in the rain, you cried with us, you saluted as the hearse passed by, and you held your hand over your hearts. 

Because of all of your care, love, support and prayers, I have not had to carry this heavy burden alone, and for that again I say thank you. There's just simply no way I can begin to list all the people who have done so much for us during this difficult time. 

From the news coverage, every thing all the fire departments have done and are still doing, patriotic riders, honor guards, citizens of our community, elected officials, Web pages, the yellow bows around the trees at the lake yard, the children that stood beside the road waving the American Flag, to the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force - you all made this grim reality such that even through my grief, I was able to see the beauty of it all. 

Sincerely with love and prayers,
Glenda Penton, Tim's mom