IEA visit: Objective Excellence

  • Published
  • By Col. Norman Brozenick
  • 1st SOW Commander
Great achievements are synonymous with great people. I am continuously awed by the actions of Airmen, civilians, contractors and families of Team Hurlburt. Once again, we have another chance to spotlight our people and mission during the Commander in Chief's Installation Excellence Award team visit Sunday through Wednesday. No doubt, Team Hurlburt is the best of the best.

The keys to success:

Our formula for success is no different than last year's Operational Readiness Inspection -- you are a precision team on the ATTACK.

ATTitude. Get revved up about this perfect opportunity to showcase your unit and Team Hurlburt. A great attitude is contagious.

Awareness. Know the grading criteria -- it's straightforward and simple: understand how we improved quality of life; increased customer satisfaction; encouraged top-to-bottom communication and problem solving; promoted cohesiveness and recognized outstanding individual efforts; and integrated environmental safety, compliance, remediation and stewardship actions into daily operations. During the team visit, let them know that while fighting the Global War on Terrorism for more than five years -- we've remained DOD's best base at home.

Communication. Greet the team members if you see them. Look them in the eye and welcome them to our home. Look sharp, ensure you are wearing your uniform and physical training gear properly. Render the appropriate customs and courtesies. Bottom line: in all ways transmit we are the best.

Knowledge. Know our message and know our Aimpoints. Our message is simple: Hurlburt's strength is its diversity in people and mission. Our Aimpoints continue to guide our many successes:

1. Fight and win - For example, a 15th Special Operations Squadron's combat mission enabled the extraction of 70 coalition forces after a CH-47 shootdown. The aircrew earned the Air Force Tunner and Aviation Valor awards for outstanding single airlift mission and conspicuous act of valor.

2. Take the best care of our wingmen, families and resources - During "Operation Homecoming," you put into place a program reuniting the returning warriors with their families.

3. Develop the next generation of Air Force and Air Commando leaders - Our robust education program issued $2.6 million to nearly 3,000 active-duty Airmen, who took 5,000 classes at 75 academic institutes.

Okay Team Hurlburt, cleared in hot. Our objective is excellence and our method is "ATTACK."

Prove to the IEA team what I already know -- we are a "no-fail people" with a "no-fail mission" -- best of the best.