Air Force Sergeants Association : 'They fight for us.'

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Nigel Sandridge
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force Sergeants Association is a federally chartered non-profit organization created to represent the interests of an average Air Force member and their family.
Founded May 3, 1961, AFSA has been leading the fight in supporting the enlisted Airman, as well as their families and all veterans.

"AFSA was created to allow the enlisted voice to be heard on Capitol Hill," said Staff Sgt. Chris Freimann, pavements and heavy equipment operator of 823rd RED HORSE, and AFSA president. "Simply put, it was established to take care of the all enlisted people, by helping them get pay raises, better quality of life, and better understanding at the higher levels of government that don't normally interact with the 'little guy.'"

Divided into many subdivisions, Chapter 567 is the local Hurlburt Field extension for all Airman ready to fight the great fight.

"AFSA enhances professional development and growth as NCOs," said Tech. Sgt. Rebekah Morris, manpower requirements mission craftsman of Air Force Special Operations Command. "I believe it's having the ability to say 'I helped secure our benefits.' My continued membership is not simply to be a part of a professional organization but to know my voice is heard on Capitol Hill. I support AFSA because they fight for us."

With more than 116,000 members in the organization worldwide, AFSA is helping in protecting the enlisted voice. Although AFSA is an increasing organization, it's still always open to Airmen, new and old, ready to make a difference.

"AFSA is a professional organization, but we like to have fun as well," Freimann said. "It's not about boring robot meetings that put people to sleep. Sometimes the best meetings we have are the ones where we all sit down, relax and just chat about whatever comes to mind."

Meetings for the Hurlburt 567 Chapter of AFSA are held on the third Thursday of every month.

For more information about AFSA, visit the Hurlburt chapter's page at .