Everything you've always wanted to know about hurricanes but were afraid to ask: EFACC

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sarah Martinez
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
Editor's note: This is part five in a five-part series on hurricane preparedness.

After the storm has passed and the all-clear has been given, the Emergency Family Assistance Control Center will be there to ease your transition.

The EFACC is used as a staging area for the Hurlburt community when a natural disaster or man-made incident occurs. When an EFACC is activated, service members and their dependents can obtain disaster relief, contingency information and services all in one place.

"An EFACC brings different family services together so people aren't running around the base trying to get help from different agencies," said Kelly Childs, Airman & Family Readiness Center community readiness specialist. "This way everything is all together."

The A&FRC acts as the primary source of information, referral advice and crisis assistance, which is similar to what they do on a day-to-day basis. They are responsible for setting up the EFACC when the installation commander calls for it and maintaining it once it's established.

Some of the different agencies Hurlburt members can expect to see at the EFACC are Legal, Finance, military and civilian personnel office, the Red Cross, Public Affairs, the Chapel and Mental Health.

Childs says other agencies like the housing and lodging offices can be there but it depends on the situation and people's needs.

The expected location of the EFACC will be at the A&FRC. However, if another location is determined due to base conditions, personnel and their families will be directed to the new location by all media outlets available.

Not all hurricane situations will call for an EFACC to be stood-up, it will only happen when the base completely evacuates.

In situations where the base has an emergency but does not evacuate, the A&FRC has some tips Hurlburt members can follow to help themselves through.

1) Develop a family plan - know where you and your family are going to head when the evacuation order is given.

2) Create a disaster supply kit - know what supplies you need and make a kit before it's too late.

3) Secure your home - put your valuables high off the ground, think about getting home or renter's insurance and take pictures of your belongings before you evacuate the area.

4) Have a pet plan - think about what hotels are pet-friendly along your route to your safe haven and plan accordingly.

No matter what the emergency, the staff at the A&FRC would like the Hurlburt community to know that there will be help.

"We're always going to be here to provide Hurlburt Airmen and their families the support they need, whether the EFACC is stood up or not," said Childs. "So, if someone has a problem at any time, they can come to us, and if we're not the right agency, then we will connect them to the right one."

For more information on the EFACC, contact the A&FRC at 850-884-5441. For the EFACC hot line, activated only after emergency, call 877-571-7209. For more information on hurricanes and hurricane survival, visit the Hurlburt Field hurricane page at www.hurlburt.af.mil/library/hurricane.