A Salute to Fallen Heros

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1st Special Operations Wing

Airman 2nd Class Billy R. Henson
Airman 1st Class Robert L. Westfall
Airman 1st Class Jeff N. Cecil
Airman 1st Class William T. Hansely, Jr.
Airman 1st Class Charles A. Volack, Jr.
Senior Airman Derek C. Hughes
Sergeant Barry M. Clark
Sergeant Damon J. Kanuha
Sergeant Philip A. Kesler
Staff Sgt Edgardo L. Acha
Staff Sgt Robert G. Barker
Staff Sgt John P. Blessinger
Staff Sgt Malcom R. Cardwell
Staff Sgt Raphael Cruz
Staff Sgt Timothy R Harrison
Staff Sgt Damon V. Kahuna
Staff Sgt Steven W. Kelley
Staff Sgt. James J. Milonas
Staff Sgt John L. Oelschlager
Staff Sgt Max B. Paco Lincks, Jr.
Staff Sgt Mark T. Schmauss
Technical Sgt Richard L. Foxx
Technical Sgt Flyod M. Frazier
Technical Sgt Robert K Hodges
Technical Sgt Wayne A. Johnson
Technical Sgt Joel C. Mayo
Technical Sgt John L. Oeischlager
Technical Sgt Thomas M. Rocky Ortiz, Jr.
Technical Sgt Bernard Terrien
Technical Sgt Cleo C. White
Senior MSgt James Be May II
Senior MSgt Paul G. Buege
2nd Lieutenant William A. Shagner
1st Lieutenant James O. Barbre
1st Lieutenant Clifford Bland, Jr.
1st Lieutenant Arthur E. Bedal
1st Lieutenant Thomas L. Hamby
1st Lieutenant Stanley G. Hartson
1st Lieutenant Leonard P. Hudson
1st Lieutenant Dudly J. Hughes
1st Lieutenant Jack D. LeTorneau
1st Lieutenant Otis K. Lielmanis
1st Lieutenant Clark Roth
1st Lieutenant William B. Tully
Captain George H. Albrecht
Captain Richard L. Bakke
Captain John P. Bartley
Captain Robert D. Bennett
Captain Thomas C. Bland Jr
Captain Herbert W. Booth, Jr
Captain Jerry A. Campaigne
Captain Thomas P. Carter
Captain Howard R. Cody
Captain Edward P. Doyle
Captain Edwin R. Eason
Captain Arthur Galvan
Captain William D. Grimm
Captain James J. Jines, Jr.
Captain Edward Kissam Jr.
Captain Harold L. Lewis, Jr
Captain Lawrence L. Lively
Captain Bernard F. Lukasik
Captain John H. McClean
Captain Lyn D McIntosh
Captain Charles T. McMillan II
Captain Andrew C. Mitchell III
Captain Herman S. Moore
Captain Stan Moore
Captain David L. Murphy
Captain Thomas H. O'Brien
Captain Howard P. Purcell
Captain R J Rice
Captain Robert H. Sanford
Captain John F. Shaughnessy, Jr.
Captain Robert L. Simpson
Captain Michael W. Skeen
Captain Henry Smith
Captain Jerry D. Stout
Captain M.T. Tanimoto
Captain Condon H. Terry
Captain Eugene J. Waldvogel
Captain William J. Walsh
Captain Dixon L. Walters, Jr.
Captain Dyke H. Whitbeck
Captain Thomas R. White
Major Richard C. Brims
Major George C. Duke
Major Otis Gordon Jr.
Major Harold C.M. O'Donovan
Major James E. O'Neill
Major James S. Steve Prowell
Major John C. Roberts
Major Paul J. Weaver
Lt Colonel Roland E. Peixotto, Jr.
Colonel Harlan B. Hume 

16th Special Operations Wing

Staff Sgt Brian P. Barnes
Staff Sgt William C. Eyler
Staff Sgt Shane H. Kimmett
Staff Sgt Robert J. Maguire, Jr.
Staff Sgt Mike E. Moser
Staff Sgt Anissa A. Shero
Staff Sgt Kurt J. Upton
Staff Sgt Thomas A Walkup, Jr.
Technical Sgt Sean M. Corlew
Technical Sgt Robert L. Daniel
Technical Sgt R. Steve Johnson
Technical Sgt Howard A. Walters
Master Sgt Roy S. Duncan
Master Sgt William J. Kerwood
1st Lt Nathaniel D. Buckley
Captain Christel A. Chavez
Captain David J. Mehlhop
Captain Mark A. Quam
Captain Anthony R. Stefanik
Major Michael J. Akos
Major William B. Downs
Major Gregory W. Fritz
Major Mark T. Todd