Air Commandos fuel the fight

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jeff Andrejcik
  • 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
Since Jan 2014 the petroleum, oils and lubricants flight has distributed approximately 1.5 million gallons of fuel and is projecting to issue out around 6 million gallons by the end of the year, said Master Sgt. Chad Ashton, 1st Special Operations Logisitics Readiness Squadron fuels operations section chief.

POL fuels aircraft, vehicles and support equipment daily to ensure operational capability.

"Our mission is to provide clean, dry fuel in a safe and timely manner," said Ashton.

Hurlburt Field's petroleum is received from a commercial source via barge and then distributed by a fleet of vehicles to various units.

The fuels Airmen utilize eight jet fuel trucks, each capable of carrying 6,000 gallons of fuel and two ground fuel trucks, which carry 1,200 gallons, said Senior Airman Johnathan Morgan, 1st SOLRS fuels journeyman.

POL not only issues out fuel, they also collect samples and analyze it in their laboratory.

"The base fuels laboratory [provides] quality control and quality surveillance of all Defense Working Capital Funds fuels," said Morgan.

Morgan said their main product, Jet-AA Fuel, is tested for electrical conductivity, visual cleanliness, flash point, color, particulate contamination, water, density, Fuel System Icing Inhibitor and solids contamination per liter.

Fuels specialists continue to keep the mission moving through receiving, storing, testing and distributing necessary petroleum products.

"Fuels is extremely important, it's not any more important than other Air Force jobs, every job is important, however without fuel planes can't fly their missions," said Ashton. "The main mission of the Air Force is [flying] aircraft."