Namesakes for Hurlburt Field Streets

The below streets were named for the following:
Kissam Street - Capt Edward K. Kissam Jr
Hartson Street - 1Lt Stanley G. Hartson
Letourneau Circle - 1Lt Jack D. Letourneau
Frazier Street - TSgt Floyd M. Frazier
Westfall Circle - A1C Robert L. Westfall
All were killed on 11 February 1962 when their C-47 aircraft crashed while flying over South Vietnam

Simpson Avenue: Named for Capt Robert L. Simpson who was killed on 28 August 1962 when his T-28 aircraft crashed in water approximately 15 miles south of Soc Trang, South Vietnam after being hit by enemy fire.

Booth Circle and Foxx Street: Named in honor of Capt Herbert W. Booth Jr and TSgt Richard Foxx. Both were killed on 15 October 1962 when their U-10 aircraft crashed 14 miles north of Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam after sustaining damage from Viet Cong small arms ground fire.

Bennett Avenue and Tully Street: Named in honor of Capt Robert D. Bennett and 1Lt William B. Tully. Both were killed on 5 November 1962 when their B-26 aircraft crashed 20 miles southwest of Ca-Mau, South Vietnam after being shot down by Viet Cong guerillas.

Bartley Street: Named for Capt John P. Bartley Jr who died on 3 February 1963 when his B-26 aircraft crashed 30 miles northwest of Soc Trang, South Vietnam while conducting a combat strike against Viet Cong guerillas.

O'Neill Avenue: Named for Maj James R. O'Neill who was killed on 6 February 1963 when his B-26 aircraft crashed approximately 22 miles northwest of Pleiku, South Vietnam after being hit by enemy fire.

Campaigne Street and Mitchell Road: Named for Capt Jerry A. Campaigne and Capt Andrew C. Mitchell. Both died on 8 April 1963 when their B-26 aircraft crashed approximately 33 miles northwest of Pleiku, South Vietnam. While conducting a combat support mission and inbound to the target on a strafing pass, the left wing came off due to unknown causes.

Terry Avenue: Named for Capt Condon H. Terry who was killed on 27 June 1963 when his T-28 crashed approximately 62 miles west, southwest of Saigon while on an air cover mission.

McClean Avenue and Bedal Street: Named for Capt John H. McClean and 1Lt Arthur E. Bedal. Both died on 16 August 1963 when their B-26 aircraft crashed approximately 23 miles south, southwest of Quang Nhai, while on a combat support mission.

Purcell Drive and Cruz Avenue: Named for Capt Howard P. Purcell and SSgt Raphael Cruz. Both were reported missing in action when their B-26 aircraft failed to return to base as scheduled. They had completed their air cover mission and were last observed departing the target area by the crew of the relief aircraft. Their missing in action status terminated on 3 September 1964, by a presumptive finding of death under the provisions of the Missing Persons Act.

Cody Avenue and Lielmanis Avenue: Named for Capt Howard B. Cody and 1Lt Atis K. Lielmanis. On 24 November 1963 both were reported missing in action when their B-26 aircraft crashed near friendly forces. The B-26 was engaged in a close air support mission and following their third tactical pass over the target, Capt Cody reported smoke in the cockpit, asked for air cover, and departed the target area. Other aircraft operating in the area reported encountering small arms fire. Evidence of death on Lt Lielmanis was received on 27 November 1963 and on Capt Cody on 17 December 1963.

Lukasik Avenue: Named for Capt Bernard F. Lukasik who was killed on 19 February 1964 when his T-28 aircraft crashed approximately 14 miles west of Can Tho. Capt Lukasik was the lead aircraft in a two aircraft formation on an air strike. The aircraft had expended its bomb load and was on its sixth strafing pass when Capt Lukasik's wingman and a forward air controller observed him crash and burn upon impact.

Hume Drive: Named for Col Harlan B. Hume, 1st Special Operations Wing (16th Special Operations Wing predecessor) Vice Commander. Col Hume died on 15 September 1977 when his EC-135 crashed in New Mexico while participating in a joint training exercise.

The below streets were named for the following:
McMillan Street - Capt Charles T. McMillan
Bakke Street - Capt Richard L. Bakke
McIntosh Court - Capt Lyn D. McIntosh
Lewis Drive - Capt Harold L. Lewis Jr
Mayo Street - TSgt Joel C. Mayo
All were killed on 25 April 1980 during the rescue attempt of the American hostages held in Iran.

The below streets were named for the following:
Whitbeck Street - Capt Dyke H. Whitbeck
Hamby Place - 1Lt Thomas L. Hamby
Acha Drive - SSgt Edgardo L. Acha
All were killed on 9 January 1984 when their UH-1N crashed off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas while participating in counter-drug operations.

Brims Road: Named for Lt Col Dick Brims who was killed on 21 May 1986 while participating in an exercise in Utah. Lt Col Brims participated in the USS Mayaguez recovery mission which earned him the Air Force Cross.

The below streets were named for the following:
Weaver Avenue - Maj Paul J. Weaver (16 SOS)
Grimm Lane - Capt William D. Grimm (16 SOS)
Galvan Street - Capt Arthur Galvan (16 SOS)
Walters Drive - Capt Dixon L. Walters Jr (16 SOS)
Bland Street - 1Lt Thomas C. Bland Jr (16 SOS)
Buege Boulevard - SMSgt Paul G. Buege (16 SOS)
May Street - MSgt James B. May II (16 SOS)
Hodges Street - TSgt Robert K. Hodges (16 SOS)
Oelschlager Street - SSgt John L. Oelschlager (16 SOS)
Harrison Drive - SSgt Timothy R. Harrison
Schmauss Lane - SSgt Mark J. Schmauss
Blessinger Drive - SSgt John P. Blessinger
Kanuha Drive - SSgt Damon V. Kanuha
Clark Road - Sgt Barry M. Clark
All personnel were killed on 31 January 1991 when their AC-130 gunship (callsign SPIRIT-03) was shot down while flying a combat mission over Khafji, Saudi Arabia in Operation DESERT STORM.

Servais Way - Named for SrA Adam Servais, a combat controller assigned to the 23d Special Tactics Squadron. While deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, SrA Servais was attached to an Army Green Beret unit training Afghan soldiers. On August 19, 2006, an estimated force of 100 "anti-coalition militia" attacked his unit. While returning fire and calling in an air strike, a rocket-propelled grenade detonated nearby fatally wounding SrA Servais.

The below streets were named for the following 15th Special Operations Squadron personnel:
Corlew Road - TSgt Sean Corlew (15 SOS)
Shero Circle - SSgt Anissa Shero (15 SOS)
Sergeants Corlew and Shero, along with US Army SFC Peter Tycz, were killed June 12, 2002, in an
MC-130H Combat Talon II crash in Afghanistan. On a mission to exfiltrate a three-person US Army Special Forces Team, Sergeants Corlew and Shero quickly uploaded the team and thousands of pounds of equipment. The aircraft's engines, however, could not maintain enough thrust to keep it airborne, and it crashed shortly after take-off. Five crew members and two Army Special Forces members survived.

The below streets were named for the following 20th Special Operations Squadron personnel:
Kerwood Road - MSgt William Kerwood (20 SOS)
Howie Walters Road - TSgt Howard Walters (20 SOS)
Walkup Way - SSgt Thomas Walkup (20 SOS)
All three personnel, in addition to Maj Steven Plumhoff, (58th Special Operations Wing, Kirtland AFB, NM) and SGM Philip Albert (Ft Drum, NY), perished in a helicopter crash east of Bagram AB, Afghanistan on November 23, 2003, while supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Downs Road - Major William Downs (6 SOS)
Named for Major William Downs, who died in an aircraft accident in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom along with Captain Derek Argel, Captain Scott Fresques, and Staff Sergeant Casey Crate (Special Tactics Airmen).