C-146A Wolfhound

The C-146A Wolfhound’s primary mission is to provide U.S. Special Operations Command flexible and responsive operational movement of small teams and cargo in support of Theater Special Operations Commands. Airlift missions are conducted by Air Force Special Operations Command aircrews to prepared and semi-prepared airfields around the world.

The C-146A is a twin-engine, high-wing aircraft equipped with a configurable cabin capable of various passenger and cargo combinations, as well as casualty evacuation missions. The aircraft can carry a maximum of 27 passengers, 6,000 pounds of cargo, or up to four litter patients.

The C-146A is the military version of the Dornier 328 turboprop commuter airliner modified to permit cargo and personnel transport missions. The aircraft has been continuously deployed since October 2011 and currently supports overseas contingency operations across four geographic combatant commands.

General Characteristics
Primary function: Flexible, rapid, intra-theater mobility for special operations forces
Builder: Dornier
Power plant: Two Pratt & Whitney PW119C turboprop engines
Thrust: 2,282 max takeoff shaft horsepower per engine
Wingspan: 68 feet 10 inches (20.98 meters)
Length: 69 feet 10 inches (21.29 meters)
Height: 23 feet 9 inches (7.24 meters)
Speed: 270 knots (310 mph or 500 km/h)
Range: Approximately 1,500 nautical miles with 2,000 pounds of cargo
Ceiling: 31,000 feet
Maximum takeoff weight: 30,843 pounds
Armament: N/A
Crew: two pilots and one loadmaster
Unit cost: $17.6 million
Inventory: Active Duty, 20; Reserve, 0; ANG, 0

(Current as of March 2021)