• BAH allowances back on target

    After the 2006 basic allowance for housing rates were released to the public, Hurlburt Field people received a large, but much needed, increase. The Department of Defense reviewed the cost of living in the local military area and determined the 2005 BAH allowances weren’t enough to compensate for the growing housing market. “The BAH rates were
  • Christmas stands still for Hurlburt, Eglin Airmen

    Although it’s the middle of January, it’s still Christmas for the Martinez family. Dad, Mom, brother and two sisters still have their Christmas tree up, and even have presents under it. In fact, they’ve put off Christmas dinner until next week. However, the Martinez’s halls aren’t still decked because they were too busy to celebrate in December.
  • Airmen tested during base Phase II exercise

    With mission-oriented protective posture gear on, more than 400 Airmen reported to the Permanent Exercise Facility and the flight line Jan. 17 for a Phase II employment exercise that continued through Jan. 19. The purpose of the exercise was to prepare for real-world attacks and to use information in the Airman’s Manual in order to “survive and
  • SVS shreds Eglin comptrollers

    The Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base intramural flag football league champions squared off Jan. 10 at the Aderholt Fitness Center field to decide exactly who is the best of the best. The 16th Services Squad-ron dominated the 96th Comptroller Squadron with a 25-0 victory. Services finished the intramural season at 11-2, and the Eglin
  • Optomap saves money, eyesight

    Optometry care at the 16th Medical Group is now safer, faster and more thorough with the purchase of a $187,000 Optos machine in November. Optomap is an invaluable tool which will allow more efficient and thorough exams. The Optomap is a non-invasive, instantaneous, ultra-widefield digital scan of the retina using low-powered laser beams that
  • AFSOC officer convicted of negligence during court-martial

    An officer assigned to Headquarters, Air Force Special Operations Command was convicted of negligence Jan. 13 after failing to appropriately file two temporary duty travel vouchers. A panel of seven officers heard the case of Maj. Mark Beres during a five-day trial. Major Beres had originally been charged with a myriad of crimes including willful
  • Major found dead at home

    A major from the 19th Special Operations Squadron died Tuesday at his residence in Navarre. Maj. Amadeo Garza, 41, was a flight commander and AC-130U Gunship fire control officer. Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the mid-morning call to emergency services. He was pronounced dead by medical personnel at 10:26 a.m. No further details
  • Making move: $8 million facility opens to extend 16th SOS capabilities

    After more than a year of planning and construction, the doors of the new 16th Special Operations Squadron were opened during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Jan. 13. The new two-story, $8 million building, located between the 16th Fuels Management and Aerospace Ground Equipment building on the west side of the flightline, will house “about 180 Spectre
  • Ladies' Night Out

    Massages, makeup, manicures and munchies lured more than 100 women to the Hurlburt Field Chapel Dec. 2 for Ladies’ Night Out. The inaugural event was sponsored by the Protestant Women of the Chapel, and treated the ladies to a full range of pampering experiences. “We thought this would be a good gift to give back to the Hurlburt community,” said
  • Satety coalition explains crime prevention tactics

    They let ordinary people know what thieves are thinking and how they steal, scam, mug, carjack, rape, invade, pick pocket and much more. The Public Safety Coalition is giving ‘Street Smart’ briefings in the base theater for all base people and spouses at 8 and 10 a.m., and 1 and 3 p.m, Wednesday and Thursday. Although the briefing is mandatory for