CFC Cause of the Week: Community Improvement

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  • By Courtesy Asset

The CFC cause of the week is Community Improvement. These efforts come in all shapes and sizes to address the direct needs of residents. CFC charities bring community members together and highlight their culture and diversity through local theaters, recreational parks, farmers’ markets, seasonal events, and community gardens.    

Charities help communities in other ways as well by connecting members with accessible resources for legal and financial aid, providing loans and grants to entrepreneurs looking to start small businesses, and expanding access to broadband internet services. These investments lead to long-term improvements. Harnessing the power of community can enhance communications and alleviate racial and gender biases and inequalities.     

Here is just one example of how a CFC-participating charity improved a community in a big way:  

Jean is a father and a pastor in Haiti.  He is so grateful for the CFC-participating charity that installed a life-changing water pump in his community.  

“In the past, we had to walk 60 minutes to the nearest river to get water,” he said.    

 That water was not safe. Animals drank in it. People bathed and did laundry in it.  Now, more than a thousand people in Jean’s village have clean, safe water. People even come from neighboring areas to get water.   

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help:  

  • Install basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, or other play areas for children and adults to enjoy while getting exercise and staying healthy.
  • Host donor registration drives to encourage everyone to have a voice.
  • Plant community gardens to provide fresh vegetables to residents and beautify the neighborhood.