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  • Hurlburt celebrates 35th Great American Smokeout

    The Hurlburt Field Health and Wellness Center is set to help the American Cancer Society mark its 35th Great American Smokeout Nov. 18. The Great American Smokeout, which is usually held on the third Thursday of November, is intended to bring attention to the dangers of tobacco use and the challenges of quitting. In fact, according to the American
  • Debunking myths about random drug testing

    "You have been randomly selected for drug testing." My role as an administrator for the Air Force urinalysis program is to assist commanders in ensuring their troops are mission ready by deterring Air Force members from using illegal drugs and other illicit substances. The military has a "Zero Tolerance" approach to drug use. However, my experience
  • Aviation energy...a finite resource?

    Imagine showing up to work to fly. You get your crew assembled, brief the day's mission and step out to your aircraft. You are about to start your engines when the crew chief comes on board to pass you some important information. He says that you have half of your normal fuel level. Or worse, he says that today's mission has to be canceled due to a
  • Halloween safety

    Halloween is almost here. Adults are buying candy to give to trick-or-treaters and kids are busy picking out their costumes. It's a fun holiday, but one that still requires safety precautions and preplanning to ensure that good times are had by all.Motorists must be especially alert on Halloween. Because there will be many children out in reduced
  • To be seen, or not to be seen

    Every day, Airmen around the world face complex challenges, meet them head on, and work hard to overcome them. But during periods of reduced visibility or darkness, we continue to struggle with the challenge to be seen and to prevent or reduce the potential for pedestrian-related traffic injuries.Often, the first line of defense to be seen in the
  • Transportation energy saving tips

    About half of the energy consumed in the state of Florida is spent on transportation. That equals more than $100 billion spent by consumers in the last year alone. Small changes in your driving and vehicle maintenance habits can reap big energy savings. Here are a few tips:- TAKE YOUR TIME: One of the biggest energy savings tips is to gently
  • Remember why we serve

    This Saturday marksĀ nine years since our country was attacked by those who would attempt to destroy all we hold dear--it is your selfless service that keeps these forces of destruction at bay.I ask you to take a minute this weekend to remember how you felt on that day and in the days after. Remember your rightful shock and anger; remember those who
  • Underage drinking risky for youths

    Underage drinking presents a significant public health concern. Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States, more than tobacco and illicit drugs.In the U.S. each year, alcohol consumption contributes to more than 4,600 deaths among young people less than 21 years of age. The following statistics from the
  • They call me "Freefall": My time at Operation Purple

    Editor's Note: Operation Purple is a free of charge summer camp for children of deployed military members of all ranks and services. According to the program's website, the National Military Family Association created the program in 2004 to help military children experience carefree fun while learning coping skills to deal with war-related stress
  • Don't go in the red on energy use

    As temperatures continue to climb this summer, the demand for electricity at Hurlburt Field is increasing as well. With air conditioners running for longer periods of time and at hotter parts of the day, it is important for Team Hurlburt to exercise smart use of electricity to reduce demand during this peak period of consumption."The Hurlburt