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  • Make risk management a priority

    Many Air Force members are familiar with the concept of operational risk management. ORM is used to identify and mitigate risks associated with Air Force operations and statistics suggest it has been tremendously successful. Today's on-duty accidents rates are very low from a historical perspective. Our off-duty accident rates are altogether
  • Meeting the community's needs in 2011, beyond

    The Integrated Delivery System working group is sponsoring the 2011 Community Assessment Survey of service members, spouses, reservists, spouses of reservists and civilians. This survey is the best way for Air Force community members to make their opinions and needs known. Air Force community members at Air Force bases worldwide have been randomly
  • The "Big Three" require right start

    You walk into the gym, and you see a ripped, toned and extremely powerful-looking Airman. You ask him what he does for his workout regimen, and he says "_______." You'd be safe with filling in the blank with Crossfit, Insanity or P90X. These "Big Three," as dubbed by fitness experts, are the craze now. All three are characterized by high-intensity,
  • Maximize finances with appropriate tax withholdings

    It's been said, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. If you compare your December Federal Income Tax Withholding on your Leave and Earnings Statement to your January FITW, you will notice a difference. In some cases, it may amount to more than your pay raise.Even if a person's salary doesn't change, one's tax bill is likely to
  • Degrees and PME - More important than ever

    As a squadron operations officer of one of the most highly-deployed flying units in the Air Force, my primary job is making the unit successful at our wartime mission. For the most part, this includes providing the best trained crews to fly sorties at deployed locations in support of the joint fight. In discussions with Airmen about their futures
  • Airfield driving: A privilege, not a right

    There may be no better sound for Hurlburt Field Airmen than the roaring take off of an Air Force Special Operations aircraft heading into the wild blue. For many with the privilege of driving on the airfield, the sound of freedom is up close and personal as aircraft taxi past to take off into the sky. For those who experience this firsthand, the
  • Standing Atop the Bottom of the Earth

    Driving my ice axe into the lip of snow separating our team from the summit of Antarctica's highest peak, I trusted its tenuous hold and took the last step up. The views during the entire trip were amazing, but nothing quite tops the view, or the feeling, that greets you on the summit. It is hard to imagine that just four days earlier our tents
  • December is National Impaired Driving Prevention month

    U.S. President Barack Obama demonstrated his commitment to preventing impaired driving by proclaiming December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Dec. 1. In signing this proclamation, President Obama urged all Americans to make responsible decisions, and take appropriate measures, to prevent drunk, drugged and distracted driving.
  • Traumatic Stress Response Team assists Airmen

    The TSRT-- are you familiar with it? It's another Air Force acronym worthy of our attention and understanding, and it has even changed lives. The TSRT is the Traumatic Stress Response Team, which is a valuable resource for creating and re-creating resiliency in today's Airmen. Approximately 20 percent of Airmen deployed in combat witness a serious
  • U3JETS-- A leadership philosophy

    The other night I was doing some channel surfing on the TV and out of hundreds of channels I stopped on a book review channel. There was former U.S. Central Command Commander retired Marine Gen. Tony Zinni. He was giving an overview of his latest book, called "Leading the Charge." The general was a gifted speaker who clearly knew about leadership