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  • Followership

    As I think about leadership and what it means to be a good servant leader, I am convinced that to be a good leader you must also be a good follower. Being a good follower, or followership, is a very effective way to set high standards and lead your formation by example.One of my first Air Force supervisors would continually remind me that, “to be a
  • All about attitude: Turning negative into positive

    I was a second lieutenant and assistant officer in charge of a fighter maintenance unit. I struggled daily to turn negative into positive. Admittedly, I had no prior service experience under my belt, and I had only a limited amount of maintenance experience at the time. A regular part of my job required me to brief the maintenance group commander
  • United We Rise

    We honored the fallen on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Each year, we remember the innocent Americans who lost their lives in a senseless act of terrorism. The tradition of remembrance and mourning are important for many reasons.However, I also mourn the loss of our amazing transformation into a unified nation. In
  • Connecting the dots

    Growing up, you probably did a “connect-the-dots” exercise at school, where you started with a piece of paper comprised of numbered dots. Only after you connected all of the dots with lines could you see the complete picture and how each line, or step of the process, contributed to the image as a whole. At times, our Air Force can seem like a
  • Air Commandos: Born in combat

    There you were, at the bottom of a valley in Afghanistan, surrounded by Taliban fighters, running out of ammo and options. You radio in to the AC-130 gunship, flying two miles above your head, for help. Under cover, you wait for the aircraft to shoot unguided bullets filled with explosives through miles of air, from a plane moving over 200 mph,
  • Force Protection: More than an installation necessity

    When military members think about Force Protection, our minds immediately gravitate towards the protection of our installations. Security Forces defenders working at an installation entry control point, controlled access to certain facilities or measures units implement to make themselves a harder target are easy examples many associate with force
  • The Spartan Way: A unit’s juxtaposition of omnipresence, anonymity

    It is a day like any other where an MC-130H Talon II pilot pulls into the 15th Special Operations Squadron’s parking lot to prepare for a local training sortie. Before the briefing, though, the pilot quickly checks into the squadron’s medical section to ensure his recent flight physical information has been loaded into the system. After some quick
  • Developing Airmen Through Airman’s Time

    "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."This quote by Theodore Roosevelt sums up the intent of the 1stSpecial Operations Wing's mentoring program, Airman’s Time.Airman’s Time has become a new catch phrase in the 1st SOW. But what is it, exactly? In a nutshell, it’s a mentoring initiative to: develop and connect with
  • Commander's road map to readiness

    1st Special Operations Wing Air Commandos, what a great honor it is for me to be back at Hurlburt Field to serve as your commander. Know that I accept this responsibility with the utmost humility and commitment to ensure you have a road map and a clear path to do what you do best: take the mission to the enemy and carry on this proud Air Commando
  • Black Eye Campaign highlights hidden hurt

    What would you do if you saw someone standing in line in front of you at the commissary or the headquarters building with a black eye or bruises around their neck?  What would you do if a co-worker or supervisor arrived at work complaining of pain or acting distant?October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Hurlburt Field Family