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  • Real servant leadership

    Another leadership commentary? Yes! Truthfully I am writing this commentary because it is my turn on a schedule, but the great news is, I am happy to serve in this way! For most of my career, I dreaded reading the seemingly infinite number of opinions on leadership from various Air Force leaders. Why write another commentary on this topic? I keep
  • Airpower is a team sport

    Across the country, as winter gives way to spring, the leaves start to bud, the flowers start to bloom, and baseball stadiums in small towns, on college campuses and in big cities come alive with anticipation as we welcome back the national pastime. Hope fills the heart of every fan as each team begins the season with an unblemished record and
  • Contracting to the commander's intent

    A commander’s intent is given on a topic to help guide the planning and subsequent actions to achieve a desired result. The planning process and actions themselves are important and take hours of preparation. Ultimately however, it is the result of the planning process and subsequent actions that really matters. For example, the action may be to
  • You have a better chance of finding a unicorn than work-life balance, and that’s OK

    Stephen Covey once said, “The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.”In fact, the subject of the elusive work-life balance is so socialized that a simple web search yielded countless articles, excerpts and discussions regarding the best way to balance our unbalanced lives.In the
  • Courage and the ORM process

    As Air Commandos, we have a proud heritage of courage. The buildings and streets of our bases are named in honor of courageous men and women. Our hallways are lined with the pictures and memorabilia of heroic deeds in our units’ history. The very concept of courage is woven into the fabric of Air Force Special Operations Command and we begin
  • Are you an Air Commando?

    Defining an Air Commando can be a challenge. Some Air Commando career fields require physical strength and stamina, while others demand technical expertise but minimal physical skills. Medics, pilots, logisticians and personnelists have very different daily functions, but all can be Air Commandos. So what is the common acquired skill that turns
  • AAHM: Our moral imperative to lead by example

    “…Lives of great men ‘and women’ all remind us we too can make our lives ‘extraordinary,’ and in departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time… So let us then be up and doing with a heart for anything, still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait.”I must caution you about inviting an old Soldier like me to come and
  • We can’t afford to leave well enough alone

    For those of us “seasoned” enough to remember a time in the Air Force of seemingly endless streams of money, manpower and resources, today’s budgetary constraints have definitely brought about paradigm-shifting realities. I remember entering the Air Force in 1995 and many were still high-fiving the successes of Desert Storm while manned and
  • Mentorship: The key to success

    Being prepared is the key to the Air Force and its culture. We need to be prepared for many different types of events - from natural disasters and deployments to inspections other challenges in life.Throughout my career, the focus has been on emotional, spiritual, and physical preparedness. These are all important aspects to be prepared for, but
  • Through my lens

    What I’ve seen through my camera is harrowing, exceptional, heartbreaking and powerful. It’s a tumultuous series of stories that are sometimes unbelievable, but always remarkable.My occupation in the Air Force allows me a different perspective than most. As a photojournalist for Special Operations, I’m front and center for a variety of different