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  • Air Force dad "saving the country every day"

    What makes a military father different from other fathers out there? Is it the sacrifice of time spent away from home, the sometimes long hours spent working through exercises and real world conflict? Or is it the unfaltering commitment to freedom for all, combined with the drive and necessity to provide for one's family?A military father is
  • Hard work, teamwork and "horse" work

    I was assigned to the 823rd RED HORSE as the First Sergeant approximately six months ago, and I was issued a RED HORSE hat to wear with my ABU's. My first day in the squadron, I was allowed to wear this symbolic hat and I automatically got credit for the rich legacy previous RED HORSE members built through decades of hard work, perseverance,
  • The Present and Future honor the Past

    Nineteen 39th Information Operations Squadron personnel attended the dedication ceremony for the Doolittle Raider exhibit at the Northwest Florida State College in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., April 17.The event served as part of a week-long festivity in the Fort Walton Beach area to celebrate the 71st and final reunion of some of the nation's greatest
  • Responsible choices promote optimal health

    "During April, many communities throughout the U.S. will recognize National Alcohol Awareness Month," said Lt. Cmdr. Sean Bennett, U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and the Hurlburt Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program Manager. "One of the vital goals of Alcohol Awareness Month is to educate individuals about
  • As April comes, must the mustaches go?

    While I've only been in the Air Force five years, I've noticed a certain pattern reoccurring at least for one month out of each year. It doesn't concern deployments or fitness fads; just the Airmen who conduct them, specifically males during the month of March. Many times, I'd see a fellow Airman in February, run into him a few weeks later and do a
  • Suicide is never the answer

    Whenever I read the paper and see about another person taking their own life, I just wish I could crawl into the heads of those contemplating it to tell them that suicide is not the answer. I speak from some experience. I lost my best friend of 15 years to suicide in 2010. As I reflect back over the years I would have lost with my sons, my family
  • AFSOC Medical Readiness Fellowship

    Welcome to Air Force Special Operations Command-- where references to "the bearded ones" and "missions in faraway lands" have real meanings and are complex, yet precise, instruments of power in the Air Force arsenal. Here, the tempo is high, the people are highly-skilled, the equipment is lean and the environment is fluid. Although this community
  • Hail to the Chief!

    The third Monday of February isn't just another Monday--it's Presidents Day. This is a day set aside to honor our first president, George Washington, and his 42 different successors who have all served as our commander-in-chief.In honor of this holiday, see if you can correctly answer all 44 presidential trivia questions below. The first person to
  • 'Laissez les bons temps roulez!'

    As a holiday, Mardi Gras can mean many things to different people. Keeping it G-rated for this commentary, I've noticed that interpretations of "Fat Tuesday" often center on several staples: a.) New Orleans and French/Cajun culture, b.) bright purple, green and gold colors, c.) pancakes or moon-pies, and d.) lots and lots of beads. Now, blame it on
  • TSR Teams: Strengthening Units' Resiliency

    Traumatic Stress Response Teams are designated at each U.S. Air Force active-duty installation and are comprised of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals, chaplains and chaplain assistants, and Airman & Family Readiness Center's community readiness consultants. The Team Chief is a clinical psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker.