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  • Training AF craftsmen

    Whether it's keeping the "deck" clean or using the "head," Airmen at Detachment 1, 359th Training Squadron, "aboard" Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., know their sister service's lingo.The detachment teaches initial-entry and retraining Airmen in aircraft structural maintenance, low observable aircraft structural maintenance or nondestructive
  • Chaplain Corps: A place to run for help

    An emergency storm shelter and a place of safety you can run to. A first sergeant's 911. An ear to listen to issues, with a 100-percent confidentiality guarantee. Sometimes the only thing standing between someone and their final decision.These are just some samples of what chaplains and chaplain assistants offer Air Commandos here. It doesn't
  • Home for the holidays... but not for long

    The life of a military member can have a unique set of circumstances which can test the resiliency of a family, especially if one of them is gone during the holidays. Those who are in the military, have a family member in the military, or know someone in the military, probably know all too well what it means to hear the word "deployment." Master
  • No comm, no bomb

    Silence. Picking up the phone or transmitting over a radio to get no response on the other end can be an eerie feeling, especially when Airmen deployed to a remote location seek directions on what they need to do, where they need to go, and how to get there.The 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron's tactical communications flight keeps
  • One Family – Three Air Commandos

    Many Air Commandos within Air Force Special Operations Command pride themselves as belonging to a close-knit family built on pride for their country, devotion to duty and trust in each member's unique talents.But for the Stinson family, the sense of pride of serving within AFSOC and upholding a family tradition runs deep across three distinct
  • From Build to Boom: Munitions Line Delivery

    Those within earshot of Eglin Range, Fla., can hear the sound of freedom raining from the sky as 25, 40 and 105mm rounds strike targets with precise accuracy.Airmen from the 1st Special Operations Equipment Maintenance Squadron munitions line delivery shop, deliver every round and retrieve every spent casing from missions originating at Hurlburt
  • Commando cookie anyone?

    Chocolate chip, star-shaped with red and green sprinkles, and caramel filled centers. These flavors and more made their way from the ovens of community volunteers to Hurlburt Field's chapel for the annual Commando Cookie Drop. Once donors brought their delicious delights to the curb of the chapel, volunteers whisked the cookies away for counting.
  • Becoming Astro: MWD turned civilian

    A military working dog was unable to complete his training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, in April 2011.MWD Astor became sick and ran into issues with the increased speed of his graduating class. This forced his Air Force retirement and he entered into the law enforcement adoption program. Once adopted, Astor became "Astro, the narcotic
  • AFSO21: Map to a better way

    When thinking about "getting lean," the first thing that comes to mind may be shaping up in the gym or cutting fat from a diet. The facilitators of Hurlburt Field's Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century program want Airmen to think outside the gym; make your work processes lean. AFSO21, the Air Force's continuous process improvement
  • Wisdom teeth: Should they stay or go?

    Some people get emotional and cry for no reason; some snore as if they were in a deep sleep; some even talk about football. These were all real life reactions caused by the lingering effects of being sedated during wisdom teeth extraction, according to Capt. Jeff Larkin, 1st Special Operations Dental Squadron general clinical dentist.For Larkin,