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  • Preventive Dentistry

    Preventive dentistry for children includes brushing, flossing, dental development, fluorides, oral habits, orthodontics, parental involvement, proper diet, sealants and sports safety. Preventive dentistry equals a healthy smile for children. Children with healthy mouths chew more easily, gain more nutrients from the foods they eat, learn to speak
  • Gridiron Greats team up to help Special Ops warriors

    Do the names Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers and Jack Youngblood mean anything to you? They are gridiron greats - pro football's finest. But even if you don't enjoy the game, you can appreciate how special it is to be the very best at what you do. It requires hard work, overcoming adversity, sacrifice and a whole lot of teamwork. Come to think of it, it
  • An important first

    Today, Airmen from the 1st Special Operations Wing are conducting combat operations against America's enemies around the world. Normally, these operations start when higher headquarters issues an operation order or directive to the various units under its command. The order or directive identifies and assigns the subordinate unit's mission in the
  • Remembering Colonel Philip G. Cochran

    On Jan. 26 the 1 SOW wore blue uniforms in honor of Col. Philip G. Cochran, United States Army Air Force. A World War II hero, Colonel Cochran served as the commanding officer for the 1st Air Commando Group in the China-India-Burma Theater. On Jan. 29, 1910, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cochran welcomed the birth of their second son, Philip Gerald, in
  • Project 9 arrives in the China-Burma-India theater

    Starting with the Dec. 7, 1941, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces advanced throughout the Pacific. Within weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan had captured Guam, Wake Island, Hong Kong, Malaya, Thailand, French Indochina, and the Dutch East Indies. More importantly, they also started an operation toward the conquest of the
  • Fight decay with dental sealants

     You may wonder: "I brush and floss my teeth at least three times a day, avoid sugary food and snacks, see a dentist regularly, and drink fluoridated water instead of soda. But, I still get cavities, why?" The pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth need to be protected. When food is chewed, it can become trapped in these pits and
  • Recalling the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Although the Civil War ended slavery in the United States, African Americans were denied their basic citizenship rights for nearly 100 years. From the late 1880s to the mid-1960s, Jim Crow Laws reigned supreme throughout the United States, especially in the South. White Americans used these laws to disenfranchise Black citizens, segregate the
  • Puck divers make waves on Hurlburt wood

    Hat tricks, diamonds, snipers and icing may make Hurlburt Airmen think of hockey rather than magicians, jewelry, riflemen and desserts as the base's newest organized sport gets underway. The Puck Divers, a team of active-duty and retired Hurlburt Airmen who play hockey and dive together, came up with the idea to incorporate roller hockey into
  • AF trash, AFREP treasure

    Somewhere deep in the Canadian foothills, Angus MacGyver is weeping manly tears. A select group of maintainers stationed at Hurlburt Field act as MacGyver, the fictional television jack-of-all-trades, on a daily basis as they take items judged to be of little value by others and rehabilitate them into working condition. The procedure saves immense
  • Hurlburt Airman’s family history of service traces from Civil War

    A father and son, both serving in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, recently had a brief family reunion at Sather Air Base, Baghdad. Master Sgt. Patrick LaDue and his youngest son, Senior Airman Gabriel LaDue, a heavy equipment operator stationed at Hurlburt Field, had the opportunity to spend time together as Airman LaDue headed home after