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  • Hurlburt Airman strives for 2008 Olympic team

    Like many, Senior Airman Christopher Anderson, 720th Operations Support Squadron, was attracted to the Air Force because of the unique opportunities it provides; he just didn't realize that one of those opportunities would be a chance to wrestle for the 2008 U.S. Olympic team. Although his duties as a combat controller and an assistant wrestling
  • Fallen Airmen memorialized forever

    On the heels of Memorial Day, the 720th Special Tactics Group dedicated a state-of-the-art training center and an adjacent roadway here Wednesday in honor of four Air Commandos killed in the line of duty in recent operations. On May 30, 2005 an Iraqi Air Force SL7 light aircraft crashed about 80 miles northeast of Baghdad, Iraq, killing Staff Sgt.
  • SOFEX students practice mission planning, execution

    Approximately 300 miles north of Hurlburt Field nestled in a valley of the Appalachian foothills lies a fictional place called "Alabamaland." It was there the 14th Special Operations Weapons Squadron conducted their annual Special Operations Forces Exercise May 10-17. The SOFEX is geared toward four weapons undergraduate students who are
  • POL: Fueling the fight

    The most visible element of Hurlburt Field and its mission may be the aircraft flying overhead, but this mission wouldn't even get off the ground if there wasn't someone to meet the tremendous fuel requirements it takes to keep Hurlburt running on a day-to-day basis. This job is in the capable hands of Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants, better known
  • 19th SOS keeps AFSOC’s fliers flying

    On the East side of Hurlburt Field is a labyrinth, a maze of a building where intertwining hallways could easily lose an inexperienced visitor. Nestled inside its walls is a self-contained unit responsible for the training of special operations aviators worldwide. It is the home of the 19th Special Operations Squadron, which provides training for
  • Air Force JTACs train colleagues for combat as “OPFOR”

    Insurgents wait beside a roadway for an Army convoy. As the Humvees pass, they launch their attack, blasting improvised explosive devices and rockets at the vehicles. Air Force joint terminal attack controllers embedded with the Soldiers respond by calling for an impromptu airstrike. A-10 Warthogs swoop in to quickly neutralize the threat as the
  • ECST prepares Airmen for deployment

    Who would have thought all those hours spent playing paintball and in the arcade would be put to use in the Air Force? For Airmen going through Expeditionary Combat Skills Training, they very well could be. Recently, the Air Force mandated ECST for deploying Airmen in non-combative career fields, and Hurlburt Field hosted its third session April
  • USAFSOS celebrates 40 years educating Air Commandos

    This week the U. S. Air Force Special Operations School celebrates its 40th anniversary. The school started as a part of the 834th Tactical Composite Wing. As the designation of the wing changed from the 834 TCOMPWG to the 1st Special Operations Wing, to the 16th SOW and back to the 1st SOW, the mission of USAFSOS remained the same. "Our mission is
  • History of women in government: Women’s History Month award-winning essay

    The history of the world is dependant on the women who have moved it forward. Each nation has their own history, some remembered and some forgotten, but it's our job to make sure that every accomplishment is remembered and honored. In the past, the rules of society made it difficult for women to be acknowledged for their achievements, and many were
  • Public affairs/multimedia merger in full-swing: Career fields "connected at hip"

    On June 12, 2006 the Air Force chief of staff directed the merger of public affairs and multimedia as a result of Air Force downsizing and as an attempt to combine like career fields. Over the last nine months, the directive seeped its way onto Hurlburt Field. Now, it's in full-swing. Currently, public affairs and multimedia have similar missions