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  • Lurking in the abyss

    The perils wading in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico exist even after tourist season is over. There are plenty of aquatic life forms that can cause an array of injuries or even death. Animals such as jellyfish, barracudas, cone snails, eels, sting rays and sand fleas are examples of some of the marine life, which occupy the Gulf Coast.
  • Gotta catch 'em all! Commander's coins

    They're collectable, can be shown off and their details and colors are often admired. To collect them all can be a feat that can take years. And with every new one acquired, people believe the rare and most desirable ones are just within reach. These aren't cards or stamps; they're commanders' coins.The origins behind them vary, but, according to
  • 1 SOCMS: Backshop keeps planes on frontline

    Whether making a landing in a dusty desert or navigating through rugged mountainous landscapes, radar systems contribute to a combat aircraft's ability to complete an objective at hand. The 50 Airmen and civilian staff at the Mission Systems Section,1st Special Operations Component Maintenance Squadron, ensure mission-critical radar systems are
  • Airman prepare for the spectacular, daring, dangerous: the chase

    Part 2 of 3 about a tactical driving course taught and facilitated by members of Team HurlburtIn a small corner of the tactical driving course facilitated by the 371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron, a line of cars, which on any given day would call a junkyard "home," are prepare to be a medium for invaluable training. What the cars
  • Bikes on patrol

    The 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron's bike patrol make their rounds almost daily through base housing and other designated areas, making their presence known with the goal of community policing and mobility in mind."The greatest benefit is the public presence," said 2nd Lt. Taylor Heckman, operations officer for 1st SOSFS.
  • Airmen prepare for spectacular, daring, dangerous: the drive

    Part 1 of 3 about a driving course taught and facilitated by members of Team HurlburtThe wide-open and desolate asphalt range vibrantly exhibited sage marked by dust, cracks and a myriad of tire marks, proclaiming loudly that the thousands of hours of arduous training taught and guided through countless years of combined experience will prepare
  • The people behind THE GIANT VOICE

    It's 11:59 a.m. on a typical Friday at Hurlburt Field.You're walking to the Base Exchange with ideas for lunch as well as what you want to do with your friends for this weekend getaway.All of a sudden, you freeze in your steps as you hear a loud booming voice, seemingly coming from an opening in the skies. You look around in panic, but notice
  • Hurlburt Chapel members give back during annual mission trip

    Members of the Hurlburt Field Chapel community, the Special Operations Youth and the Holy Spirit Catholic youth groups took time to reach out, make repairs and help improve facilities on base and in the local community during their annual mission trip last month. The chapel began doing the missions in 2003 as a way to give back to the local
  • Former NFL player to Airmen: 'game on'

    They've deployed countless times to defend their country any time, any place. They are the products of years of training, dedication to duty and professionalism from serving their country. But were they ready for "game on?"More than 50 Air Commandos participated in game-based training known as "game-on" during a presentation sponsored by the USO at
  • Young Airman continues old legacy

    Her relaxing charm juxtaposed with her quiet intensity could easily be overlooked by what looked like a nervous smile as the confidence which brought her to where she is today illuminated the room. A long lineage of American heroes, subtly embedded in her DNA, spoke in volumes the day she enlisted on this country's day of independence, and today,