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  • Honor Guard

    The Hurlburt Field Ceremonial Guardsmen perform various ceremonies in a 20-county area of responsibility in Florida and Alabama. Honor Guard members stand tall; they are sharp, crisp, motionless by choice, volunteering to serve and represent every member, past and present, of the United States Air

  • Hurlburt Field’s Namesake

    Donald Wilson Hurlburt was born on June 16, 1919 in Watts Flatts, N.Y. On August 5, 1941, Donald Hurlburt enlisted in the U.S. Army at Binghamton, N.Y. as a Private. His first assignment was Fort Dix, N.J., where he completed basic training. During October of that year, following his promotion to

  • Hurlburt Field History

    Hurlburt Field, Fla., is home to the Air Force Special Operations Command and the 1st Special Operations Wing and has a long and distinctive history. Hurlburt Field was originally designated as Auxiliary Field No. 9, one of the original small pilot and gunnery training fields built on the sprawling

  • Hurlburt Field

    Home of the Air Commandos since 1961, Hurlburt Field today accommodates the 1st Special Operations Wing (1 SOW), Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), an Air Force major command, and a number of associate units. Officially designated Eglin Auxiliary Field No. 9, it served as one

  • Honors

    CAMPAIGN STREAMERWorld War IIIndia-BurmaCentral BurmaSouthwest AsiaDefense of Saudi Arabia, 1990-1991Liberation and Defense of Kuwait, 1991Southwest Asia Cease Fire, 1991ARMED FORCES EXPEDITIONARY STREAMERGrenada, 1983Panama, 1989 - 1990JOINT MERITORIOUS UNIT AWARDJUST CAUSEDESERT

  • H-3 Jolly Green

    The CH-3E, one of the family of Sikorsky helicopters, served special operations at Hurlburt Field for more than seven years until replaced; by a large helicopter. Two 1,500-horse engines powered the CH-3E, which had a rotor diameter of 62 feet, a fuselage length of 57 feet 3 inches, and empty gross